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Updated on October 9, 2011

The Dog-e-Minder As Seen On TV

The Dog-e-minder? Where do I begin trying to explain this brilliant As Seen On TV Product? I think I'll start with what I have always thought was the point of all good as seen on TV products and that is, sell me on the idea of something that solves a problem that I'm not even sure I really have. What a great business model.

Whenever we see the commercials on late night television we always see these over the top and campy sales pitches for really cool stuff but we're are never sure if it works or if we really need it. The Dog E Minder began much the same for me. The Dog-E-Minder commercial is not necessarily silly like so many others but the very idea of my dog having his own PDA seemed to be ridiculous at first. But, then as I watched, it became clear to me that this was a brilliant product for pet owners.

There have been a lot ofAs Seen On TV products hitting the market lately such asMMA Workouts, Grill Glove and the Couch Coozy, but I really believe that the dog-e-minder is the product that I initially felt I needed less, but now can't live without.

What's the Dog E Minder?

I suppose before I say something like "I can't live without the doggie minder", I better tell people what it is. The Dog E Minder is a Dog Tag for today's busy dogs and busy dog owners. It's a dog tag that stores important information about the dog's feeding, walks, medications and identity which can be accessed by anyone with the touch of a button.

So at first, I'm like so what! Who Cares? Dog's have lived millions of years without this and they've survived. But when I got to thinking about it, the people at Dog E Minder really let me know what a bad dog owner I am and I'm plenty guilty of making huge mistakes with my dog's health that I never would have made if I had this simple device.

My dog happens to be very old. He's blind and has to take several medications at different times throughout the day. Now, I'm pretty good at remembering and identifying the meds but I'm busy. My mother has to come by and walk him as well as tricking him into taking his pills but I often don't remember if I gave him his morning heart pill, or his edema medication. Sometimes my mother has to come early and it's time for a walk, but not time for the meds. We text back and forth and usually work it out but my mom wants me to hire a dog walker. She lives too far away and I just can't get home for lunch.

I know our modern dogs are spoiled but they are also living a lot longer and we have to learn to handle geriatric dogs and even puppies seem to take a lot more looking after these days. So let's say you a few family members or even a perfect stranger looking after your pet, wouldn't it be cool if they could look at the dog's tag and see when the last time he went out was? They could see when he was last fed and when he took some medications. It is really helpful.

Regardless of my specific circumstances, there are tons of reasons why dog owners would love this type of Dog Tag. You'll see what I mean as you get a look at the doggie minder commercial below. I think this is going to be the best selling As Seen On TV Pet product yet and it actually works!

Dog-e-Minder Commercial

Dog-E-Minder Review

I think the ad pretty much speaks for itself. Although it's not vital for your dog's survival to have the Dog-e-Minder, it certainly comes in handy. I never thought of how many times I came home and had to wait for someone else to find out if the dog had been fed or walked. And, I'm sure several time over the years I've doubled up on medications or forgotten them all together.

The Dog-e-Minder is simple to use. There's a button for walks, a button for food and a button for meds. When it's not in use for those purposes, the dog's identity and phone number are displayed. I've decided that for my needs, it's best clipped to my dogs leash. First, his collar comes off when we are inside because it irritates him at his age and second he has a habit of carrying his leash around the house wherever he goes. Since it's always close by, having our Dog-e-Minder on the leash is no problem.

For other dogs, the collar is probably the safest way. If you have a runner, or several people caring for the same dog it makes sense to make sure the tag in on the dog at all times. As far as I can tell, the unit is waterproof as stated in the commercial and it's pretty rough and tough. You aren't gonna have to baby this thing to keep it working.

If you want to buy Dog-E-Minder, keep in mind that you will have to pay shipping & handling. It's $3.95 per unit including the free one. So figure about $28 for the set to arrive at your door.

I'm not a fan of the bonus items so if you don't want the free Puppy Pinata which requires an additional $3.95 for shipping, then make sure to opt out in the order form. Mine took two weeks to arrive but I expected that.

I'm giving the Dog-E-Minder the thumbs up in my review because I really use it. I really laughed at this product when I first saw the ad but now I love it. I don't believe you can buy Dog-E-Minder in stores at this time so when you order online do it carefully and don't check any boxes or accept offers you are not interested in. Use some common sense when ordering items online and everything will be fine.


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