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Dog-Fighting Cruelty

Updated on August 19, 2013

Open Your Eyes

Not all pet dogs are playing frisbee on the beach or curled up cozily on their owners' bed amidst belly rubs and chew toys at this very moment.

Some pet dogs are chained up heavily in filthy underground kennels at this very moment, awaiting their owner to provide them with another small animal (usually a stolen dog or cat) for them to rip to shreds and kill. It's all a part of their training until their fatal challenge in the dog-fighting ring.

It's time to wake up and keep your eyes peeled for a secretive type of cruelty that is going on in some communities, possibly even in yours: dog-fighting.

In these hidden-away kennels, dogs are bred and trained specifically to fight brutally with all of their wild instincts. The fight ends when a dog dies or is severely injured to the point of no longer being able to fight back. The "winner" is given the crude title of "champion," and the "loser" is killed, tortured, or abandoned. The "champion" continues their training to kill and basically become an increasingly aggressive and dangerous dog.

Dog-fighting does not end well once authorities have caught up to those who are involved. It certainly doesn't end well for the poor fighting dogs either, as they are usually euthanized after the bust.

The Harsh Reality --- An Unfair Death

During the dog's training, they are expected to pass a series of "performance tests." If they perform poorly, they are killed with the inhumane method of "plugging." Car jumper cable clips are spliced with a household electrical cord. The clips are attached to the dog, the cord is plugged in, and what could have been raised to be a loving and loyal pet is electrocuted to death.

Other sickening methods of euthanasia are used too, such as drowning, starvation, and denying veterinary care to injuries on the dog. Children who are raised in a pro-dog-fighting environment become desensitized towards the suffering of the dogs during the fight. Often, gamblers and drug abuse occur at these dog-fighting functions. Loud music is blared at the event to "drown out" the ruthless sounds of the dog fight, in an attempt to keep others in the dark and unaware of the illegal activity. Both dogs are brought inside the ring to fight to the death once they are released from their leashes. Their sharp teeth gnaw and tear off each others' flesh and limbs. The losing dog is euthanized in the same inhumane methods already mentioned, or they are left to suffer and die from their fatal wounds.

This is unfair to the dog because their dangerous demeanor is entirely the result of humans who view their fighting dogs as their "moneymakers." If dogs are raised to be passive and obedient, it has to start while they are young puppies. A dog's behavior is a huge reflection of how they were handled and trained throughout most of their life.

What You Can Do To Help End Dog-Fighting

  • Lay Down The Law Write to your state legislators and pressure them to have harsher penalties for those who get involved in dog-fighting. Urge your local, state, and Congressional representatives to support better funding for enforcement of animal fighting laws.

  • Spread Awareness There are certain websites which support dog-fighting. Send your friends and family the link to these awful sites so that they can truly witness the cold-hearted cruelty of the so-called "sport" of dog-fighting.

Injuries From Fighting

Dog-Fighting's Impact on Human Beings

It makes sense that a child being raised near a dog-fighting community would have fear going outside and playing. Children raised this way are psychologically taught to fear dogs. If one of the fighting dogs comes loose from their kennel, there will be a dangerous outcome for any human being within reach.

These dogs are trained to trust no one and to obey the commands of their training coach. This means danger for anyone else, and there are no exceptions!

A True Story of Dog-Fighting Horrors and Their Happy Ending


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