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Dog House Do’s and Don’ts for a Better Pet and Family Relationship

Updated on September 15, 2016

You bought a dog probably as a present to one of your kids or maybe to have some company if you are alone. Dogs are a man’s best friend, they say and this is true to most of us. They guard the house, the livestock, and even save other house pets from being seized by predators such as foxes, bears, snakes and others. Because of these, we intend to give them more care and support one of which is giving them a nice den to stay and feel comfortable throughout their living with us. I have listed some things to consider and watch out for especially in buying or building a dog house. I hope this will help you strengthen your relationship with one of your favorite pets in the house.

Give him a gift. Make his den not too big and not too small.
Give him a gift. Make his den not too big and not too small.

Purchase or Build the Correct Size, NOT Too Big and NOT Too Small

Dog houses can be easily built and can also be bought for assembling only. If you have the skill to do it yourself, here is a list of the materials for your reference:

  • Plywood of various sizes
  • Studs of different dimensions
  • Cedars of different sizes

In building the dog house, make sure to use friendly materials that will not hurt your dog like non-toxic and make sure to put your nails properly avoiding it to injure your dog. Make it just enough size to accommodate your pet making it spacious for it to turn around but not too big so it will not freeze during cold weathers.

If you have no time to build one but have enough budget to buy one, here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Check the materials if it is friendly to your dog and is appropriate to the weather in your area.
  • Consider also if it cannot easily be nested by pests.
  • Size is still a requisite so measure your dog accurately with the proper allowances.
  • See if the floor is elevated and if it has an awning type overhang as an extra protector from the sun

With the criteria given above, you might want to try Climate Master Plus insulated dog house found in Amazon through this link:

Check the best material for your dog house.
Check the best material for your dog house.

Use Wooden Materials, NOT a Plastic House

Wooden dog houses are the best because it will prevent your pet from overheating during summer season unlike plastic. Plastic made houses may be lesser expensive and easier to carry and transfer anywhere but is not ideal to areas with warm weathers. There are also sold dog houses that can withstand cold and warm weather because they are built with modern materials and are properly insulated.

What is your favorite pet inside the house?

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Dogs are the nicest house pet ever especially when they are nurtured well.
Dogs are the nicest house pet ever especially when they are nurtured well.

Find or Build a Dog House with Offset Door, NOT Centered on the Front Wall

Dog houses made with a door centered on the front wall will cause direct sunlight to go inside. Overheating will make your dog exhausted or worst get sick and dehydrated.

Install a Door Barrier and Do NOT Leave Doors Closed During Cold Months

Keeping your pet comfortable inside its den is one thing to consider during cold weather. If you need a heater inside your house because you cannot withstand it, then same is true with your pet. Make sure that there is enough heat inside and do not let it freeze by leaving it without an extra barrier especially during winter.

Cedar is the best wood material for a dog house.
Cedar is the best wood material for a dog house.

Raise the Dog House Higher than the Ground, Do NOT Place it on the Ground where Moisture is a Problem

When buying dog houses, there are those built with just enough elevation so that it will be higher than the ground. This is to protect your pet and also to make the materials of the dog house more durable avoiding moisture problems. A cedar wood is also helpful when used in dog houses because it does not rot easily.

Use Moisture Proof Bedding, Do NOT Use Carpets or Blankets

Like mentioned above, keep your dog house away from moisture problems. There are moisture proof pads which you can use as a bedding to avoid using carpets, blankets, woven cloths and other materials which can easily be nested by pests or fleas. These materials are also prone to molds. For a do it yourself dog bedding, you can also use the cedar shavings, those thin ones and stuff them inside a moisture or water proof fabric.

With extra efforts, you can make your dog feel more loved. If you do, they will love you more and might do unexpected things to surprise you.


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