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The Best Dog Jackets and Rain Coats-Dog Clothing

Updated on April 8, 2011

Clothing for Dog's

Dogs are blessed with a natural coat to keep them warm and dry, sometimes due to their size; age or where they live mans best friend may need our help by providing them with dog clothing.

Initially when putting this article together I was a bit sceptical, dog clothing brings too mind little toy dogs in frilly little costumes but as a gun dog trainer I can think of many times that waterproof dog coat's would be very useful.

I have two boisterous Labradors that love nothing more than running through thick bushes or swimming in the coldest water you can imagine, at times like this suitable dog clothes would be a real benefit to both dogs and myself.

In the following article I aim to bring you a full range of dog coat's, waterproof dog clothing, dog safety jackets, paw protectors and novelty dog costumes. I will be explaining the benefits of each and pointing out the disadvantages of wearing some clothing items.

All dog clothing and accessories in this article is available for home delivery and is very competitively priced.

Dog Outdoor Clothing

Small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs, working dogs, designer and toy dogs, there is an outdoor clothing range too suit all. Whatever you do with your dog it is important you get the right clothing; here is a list of things to consider:

  • Waterproof
  • Warm
  • Durability
  • Allergies
  • Fitting
  • Usage

Depending on what you do with your dog will dictate the kind of outdoor wear you will need. If you simply want to dress your dog up in pretty clothing and dresses then a full range of designer dog wear is available. If however like me you work your dog or enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle then consider the strength and durability of the coat, how waterproof and warm is it, will it survive rough usage, can it be taken on and off easily, do you need a fluorescent dog jacket, does your dog carry stuff on his jacket and very importantly; does your dog have any allergies, if so make sure you get the correct material.

As you can see there is a lot more to choosing a dog coat than price, pick a dog jacket that suits you and your dog; not just your pocket.



Dog Safety Jackets

When we consider buying a dog coat we automatically think of rain and cold, we often don't even give a thought to the more practical side of dogs that wear coats.

Service dogs can be seen wearing a range of specifically designed apparel, your dog can too.

Here wa have a selection of safety jackets and coats for dogs, how many times have you thought; if only I had a fluorescent jacket for my dog or a life jacket?

  • Glow in the dark
  • Weatherproof
  • Carrying Pockets
  • Life Jackets for poor swimmers
  • Emergency supplies
  • Correct fit
  • Easy on and off

There is no need for your dog to be a full working service dog to wear one of these jackets he just needs to be safe when outdoors night or day.

Service Dog at Work

Dog Jumpers and T Shirts

Compiling this part of the dog clothing article really did bring a smile to my face, I can just imagine trying to get my dog's into a hoody or polo shirt, it would be chaos and doomed to fail.

Judging by the range available; there clearly is a demand for dog hoodies, dog tank tops, dog jumpers and polo shirts. Like any fashion icon colour, style and brand name are all important to any self respecting pampered pooch.

On a serious note, if you do want to dress your dog up; be aware of the material and fitting. Make sure your dog can move properly, ensure he won't get snagged on a bush or furniture and be careful of over heating if he is wearing his dog jumper indoors.

I couldn't resist putting in the Sexy Beast Swarovski Crystal Doggie in the article but I certainley wouldn't be buying one. Who does buy them?


Dog Boots and Paw Protectors

Imagine it's minus 3 degrees outside; the floor is covered with freezing ice; now imagine you are walking down the road in your bare feet; doesn't take much imagination to know this would be unpleasant at best and probably quite painful too.

What about bounding through the woods and you stand on a pine needle or trotting down the road and standing on a small piece of glass, again pain.

Dog boots and paw protectors are one way of making sure this doesn't happen to your beloved pet, I understand that some dogs wouldn't even consider stepping out in these but others especially those who live in very cold climates may benefit from wearing in the latest footwear.

I would not recommend letting your dog run in these but can certainly see the attraction in some circumstances.

Dogs in Costumes

Dog Dresses and Dog Costumes

Some would say that dressing a dog up in a dress or costume is cruel, for me it's just a bit of fun.

I would always issue a warning though:

Never leave your dog unsupervised in inappropriate clothing

Below is a selection of costumes and dresses for your dog.

Dog Clothing and Accessories

If you have managed to reach the end of our look at dog clothing you will note I have been serious in part's and not so serious in others.

Whatever you decide to buy please make sure you supervise your dog when wearing these items, they can easily snag or become something for the dog to chew on.

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Also leave me a comment as I love hearing from people and have a look at my other pet related articles.

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