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Training Dog Owner

Updated on November 5, 2020
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Pamela-anne is a certified Freelance Writer who enjoys writing her own articles and ghostwriting for clients on Upwork.

Peaceful Walk

My husband (Mike) was having some issues with our 11-month-old Black Sheppard (Zowie) as she was very high strung, full of energy and strong. She had no problem pulling Mike down the street and he is no small man. Zowie tended to make what was to be hopefully a peaceful walk into a big tug of war game that by the end of it Mike was exhausted. He wanted so much to be able to have a nice calm walk down the street with Zowie but he just didn't know what to do to get her under control.

Showing Aggression

Mike really started to get worried when Zowie was showing signs of aggression towards other people during their walks. This was when he decided he did not want to be on the next episode of "Judge Judy" because his dog had bitten someone. At this point, he signed Zowie and himself up for some doggie training classes; which were actually more like owner re-training classes. They focused more on the owner of the dog and what they were or were not doing in regard to the proper handling of their dogs. In the first class, Mike learned that he had Zowie's choker chain on backwards for a start. The classes proved to be most helpful to both Mike and Zowie they had learned much together in these classes.

Sense of Pride

Mike was out with Zowie on one of their usual walks when a neighbour commented on how well Zowie was walking not doing her usual tug of war that the neighbours were used to seeing. Mike told the neighbour about the dog classes they were attending; he felt a sense of pride not unlike the feeling parents have when their child does something to make them proud. Deciding to take the dog training classes had certainly made a positive impact on both Mike and Zowie, where they could both enjoy some quality time together without it turning into a tug-of-war match!

Sitting and Staying

Mike said Zowie is like a different dog she has calmed down so much and is listening to him so much better than she did before they took the classes. He couldn't believe when he told her to sit outside a store how quick she obeyed and was still sitting waiting for him when he came out of the store. A few nights later he had a perfect walk with Zowie; he could hardly keep the proud grin off his face as he enjoyed a nice peaceful walk with his four-legged friend. He was so thrilled he couldn't wait to tell me all about it. They were to enjoy many peaceful walks after their training classes ended. At this point they could both look forward to their calming walks together, enjoying some one-on-one time together, forever building their bond in a healthy and productive way! Sometimes when you find yourself in a situation where you feel that you do not know what to do to train your dog. Perhaps you should consider bringing a third party into the picture to help you and your dog build a solid foundation in your relationship that will prove to be beneficial for you both!

Trying to Find a Solution that will Suit You and Your Pet

Dog training classes may be something you should look into if like Mike you have a dog that is a real handful. But don't give up on him/her because with the right training you may be able to solve this problem. Unfortunately, things don't always go as hoped and we are left to make some hard decisions on what to do with the unruly pet. We must try every alternative before considering giving them up or putting them down. If we learn how to control them we may be able to train them to be a pet that is able to function in an acceptable manner within society. If you have a dog that is hard to control my advice would be to sign you and your dog up for some obedience classes. Then once you both have gone through some retraining you will be able to enjoy a nice peaceful walk with your four-legged friend!

Aggressive Dogs

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