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Dog breeds that do not shed much

Updated on October 25, 2008

Shedding tablets!?

Allergy sufferers best friends


I remember one particular day working at an animal hospital when a client stepped in looking for a particular medication or a home remedy to stop her dog from shedding. As I was chuckling in my mind, I recomposed myself and told her clearly that really nothing can be done to prevent a dog from shedding. The only thing an owner can really do is think twice before getting a dog, or choosing a particular dog breed that tends to shed less.

A dog's shedding is a natural process. Just as trees loose foliage in fall, dogs loose hair throughout the year. It cannot be stopped, it cannot be prevented but it can be tolerated if you arm yourself with some patience and a good vacuum.

If you love dogs a lot and feel you can tolerate a few hairs here and there, the good news is that shedding does not take place all the time but is rather mostly set at particular times of the year. Most commonly dogs will shed in Spring when their winter coat is being replaced with the finer spring coat or when puppies turn yield to their adult coat.

Now, let's review some dog breeds that tend to shed less.


1) American Hairless Terrier. At the top position for dog allergy sufferers stays the American Hairless Terrier. This breed will not tend to shed because basically there is nothing to shed! This breed started when in 1972 when amongst a Rat Terrier litter a completely hairless puppy appeared. This hairless puppy was bred once as an adult and another hairless pup was produced but then no more hairless pups appeared in the subsequent litters produced. Finally, at 9 years old she had 1 male and 1 female hairless pup. These two pups turned out being the founders of the American hairless Terrier breed.

2) Chinese crested. If you are not looking for a particular handsome dog then try this almost hairless breed. Their body is mostly hairless but they will have hair on their head, tail and paws. The fact there is not much hair to shed is great for those annoyed by finding hairs throughout the house and for those allergy sufferers because there will be minimum dander.

3) Airedale terrier. This dog has a pretty rough double coat that sheds minimally. The outer coat is thick and wiry while the under coat is slightly softer and wool-like. However, it appears that people with allergies can still sneeze and cry when exposed to the Airdale's dander.

4) Poodle. This dog breed has a curly coat and sheds very little. You may come across a few Poodle hairs on your couch among your very own. It helps a lot in minimizing the shedding process if you commit to brush you Poodle several times per week. You must be aware though that Poodle's require regular hair clippings at least every two months.

5) Italian Greyhound Shedding in this breed is not particularly heavy because their hair is short and silky and therefore their shedding amount appears minimal. Another great advantage about this breed is the fact that they do not have much of that typical doggie odor most dog lovers are pretty familiar with.

6) Basenji. Their coat is pretty short and of a fine texture. This breed as well is not prone to that particular "doggie odor". Expect heavier shedding about twice a year when seasons change and when the puppy shifts into his new adult fur.

7) Bichon Frise' These cute dogs to not tend to shed much but require intense grooming. Their fluffy curly coat is pretty high maintenance. Expect to brush their hair on a daily basis and have them see the groomer every few months to keep their hair manageable.

8) Maltese Their luscious silky white fur does not tend to shed much. This is due to their lack of undercoat and to the fact that the daily grooming they require minimize the amount of hair found on carpets and furniture. The secret therefore lies in keeping their coats well groomed.

9) Shih Tzu This breed is considered a minimal shedding breed and hypo allergenic. Their fur is long and silky. In Chinese Shih tzu means lion dog and the breed was used as a symbol of wealth. As with the Maltese they require some grooming to help in maintenance.

10) Havanese. This breed will not shed heavily but will shed somehow. You will find hair in the brush or on the carpet. A few good brushings during the week will help hair stay at bay.

While most dogs shed, as we can see there are some dogs that shed more and some dogs that shed less. However, it is a fact that every animal or human that has hair will very likely lose hair. If you are looking for a complete non shedding dog either try the Hairless American Terrier or buy a pretty stuffed animal.


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    • profile image

      martinnitsim 5 years ago

      well gary it took me ages to find it this is the link

      and details, there there most competitive in the game , mention myself-netsimsy told you to ring

    • GrahamReviews profile image

      GrahamReviews 6 years ago from UK

      I have just bought an airdale because I have allergies and wanted a bigger dog. I hope I don't start sneezing!!!


    • profile image

      Brittney 7 years ago

      Oh, yesh, Kerry Blues are wonderful dogs. I want one. Yesh, they are companions, yesh, they are PERFECT watch dogs and are good guard dogs, and yesh, they love kids. Brittney Spaniels are low shedding dogs, as well.

    • profile image

      Kerry Blue wonderer 7 years ago

      Kerry Blue terriers ( Blue, medium sized dogs) have a lot of fur, but shed very little. they are good guard dogs, and probably one of the best watch dogs, and are great companions for kids, and older men and women. A Kerry Blue is a human's best friend. I think they should be on this list.

    • profile image

      De Chanel 7 years ago

      I think maltese dont shed cuz i have one his name is bailey and yes im black not only white ppl have maltese he doesnt shed not even when u brush him