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Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

Updated on November 19, 2019

If you try the Dirty Dog Doormat, feel free to come back and rate it!

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Dog Gone Dirty Dog Doormat

What is the Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat?

Dog Gone Smart Pet Products explains it as:

  • Super Absorbent Material, Plush and Velvety Soft Mircrofiber
  • Soaks up to 7x it's Weight in Water and Mud, Dries 5x Faster Than Ordinary Doormats
  • Advanced Microfiber Wicking Technology
  • Floors Stay Clean and Dry, Easy To Wash, Non-Skid Backing
  • It can be used in cars, crates, under food/water bowls, by the door, and much more
  • Helps With Moisture, Dirt, Mud, Slobber, and even Kibble

How Well Does The Doormat Actually Work?

The answer is the work they do is AMAZING!

Let me start by telling you about my dogs that use it. I have 2 golden retrievers, a yorkies, and a poodle. It is because of those dogs that I own a medium size dirty dog doormat, which I only paid $20 and change for on Amazon, and a runner size dirty dog doormat ($61.63 on Amazon). The doormats come in three different sizes. There is a medium, large, and runner. The colors available are khaki, red, and chocolate. I bought one chocolate and one khaki, as I am using them for different areas. The medium doormat is placed under the food and water bowls. After feeding 4 dogs and them having a water fight, it gets quite slippery in our utility room. The runner is situated in front of our back door where the dogs go out to play, relieve themselves, eat snow chunks, roll in who knows what, and more.

Before I get too carried away let me start by saying these mats are not magic, though you may get the two confused if you buy one. The dog has to actually be on the mat for it to soak up water, dirt, or those wonderful snow chunks I mentioned. My dogs come in one at a time. I give them a treat while they sit on the mat and drip a little. The amazing part is how the doormat holds the water. I only wash the doormat twice a month, unless it is a rainy, muddy, or snowy season, then it is every few days. Another nice thing about the doormat is the non-skin backing on the bottom of it. That helps that mat to stay in place. In fact, my regular hallway runner moves on my carpet more than my dirty dog doormat moves.

The doormat I have in my utility room for food and water really could be magic. It used to be that there would be a trail leading from my utility room to our dog beds every time any of them got a drink. Now, however, the doormat gets the brunt of their drips and my floors are mostly clean. I also have a two year old whose favorite activity is pouring out the dog water and watching mommy clean it up several times a day. He thinks it is really hilarious. Instead of heading in there with towels to soak up his mess and moving all the things the water got on or under, the doormat soaks the water right up and I can continue cleaning up his last hilarious mess.

We keep the hair longer on my poodle, so you can imagine how much mud, snow, or random debris she picks up. When it rains, her can literally be rung out. She is an impossible mess to dry and after using two big towels each time I wanted to clean her, I started using this doormat. It soaks up the water quickly and can hold much more than the towels I use.

As I mentioned earlier, my dogs love snow chunks and rolling in random things in my yard. The nice thing about the doormat is that when they run over it to come inside, it catches at least 80% of those things. It traps grass clippings, snow, leaves, dirt, etc. I believe this is because the microfiber strands on the mat are raised, so whenever the dog steps on it those strands catch what is on the paws.

Don't believe me? Head on over to Amazon and grab one for yourself. it's risk free really, as if you don't like it, there is a window for free returns! If you do try it, please come back and tell us some stories of the magic it worked for you!

Why Should I Buy The Dirty Dog Doormat Instead of a Competitor Brand?

No, I do not work for Dog Gone Smart Pet Products, and no they did not ask me to review their product. I have had such a good experience with this mat, and want to help others do the same. When I first saw the doormat in the store I was considering if I wanted to spend $20 on a mat that claimed to magically soak up water, mud, and dirt. I went home and researched the doormat, but it was a newer product, and I could not find many reviews on it. Now, there are over 2,000 reviews on amazon, so check there too, but I wish I could have found an article like this when I was looking for an honest review of the product.

With that being said, I chose the dirty dog doormat instead of another brand because of the non-skid backing. That was the sole variable that guided my decision, and after doing so I was pleasantly surprised! A couple flaws that I thought I would be dealing with include the water dripping down to the actual floor, still leaving a mess, and the mat getting so wet and dirty that I would have to wash it daily, skyrocketing my laundry bill.Neither of those were an issue, as this mat really can soak up to 7 times its weight and it dries much faster (5 times to be exact) than others, which is why I only need to wash it twice a month. While we are on the topic of washing it. I wash my doormat and I dry it and have never had an issue. One lady did say the doormat turned her dryer pink, (I assume she bought the red one) but I have never had a problem, and I wash it with my husband's shop towels sometimes. Her solution was to not dry the doormat anymore, and it still received a high rating from her.

On to other brands of doormats for dogs.The most known one I can think of and have used before is the soggy doggy doormat. While it worked well, it did not compare to the dog gone smart dirty dog doormat. I felt that the soggy doggy doormat did not hold water as well as the dog gone brand, and I had to wash it more. The dirt and mud was also more visible on the soggy doggy brand. The dog gone brand works with advanced microfiber technology that helps trap dirt and mud and soak up the water, while the soggy doggy works with a blend of chenille and microfiber.

Again, if you don't believe me, check it out for yourself! I have included the links to buy (or even read more about) the Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat. The links are for 2 colors of the large size and runner size. Try one, or one of each! After trying, feel free to come back here and leave a review. Hope you like it!

What size dog are you needing a dirty dog doormat for?

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