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Dog Health Care

Updated on January 26, 2009
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Whitney has over 10 years of experience in dog training, rescuing and dog healthcare.

Dog Health

Our dogs become part of our family, which is why we spend millions on our dogs every year. I mean, think about what all you buy your dog, many people purchase toys, food, treats, clothes, beds, and vitamins, not to mention regular vaccinations and any surgeries or emergencies that may arise. And, throughout the years that we spend with our dogs, we truly do begin to love them as parts of the family.

It is important that we are all aware of the health problems and complications that may arise, even from the simplest skin allergy all the way to the possibility of cancer. It’s important that as a pet parent, you understand the signs and symptoms as well as the treatment options that are available for your dog and his health.



If your dog has skin allergies, you should make sure that you know how to ease the irritation as best as you can. Check out these tips so that you can find out what all you can do to help your dog.

Find out what type of food allergies there are, and what the common symptoms for food allergies. You just may be surprised as to what all your dog can be allergic to, and believe it or not certain meats are on the list.

Bodily and Intestinal Worms

Heartworm disease is a fatal disease that you can easily prevent. You want to make sure that you understand how your dog can heartworms, how you can diagnose it, treat it, and prevent.

Find out what type of worms your dog can contract, the signs of dog intestinal worms, and how you can treat and prevent your dog's worms.


Find out the more common types of dog cancer so that you can stay informed in your dogs health.

You want to make sure to keep an eye out on the signs and symptoms of cancer so that you can have a vet diagnose cancer as early as possible, as the earlier that it is detected, the better the prognosis is.

Once you have gotten the terrible news, you want to consider the options for treating your dog's cancer.

Chemo is just one option that you may want to consider when you find out that your dog has cancer. Find out how it works and the potential side effects.

Common Dog Illnesses

Make sure that you know what the signs of canine diabetes are, so that you can get your dog diagnosed early.

Find out why you really shouldn't let your dog eat chocolate. Also, make sure that you know what signs to look for in case your dog eats a good bit of chocolate on accident.

It's very important to know how to prevent dog obesity as the health risks that can be associated with an overweight dog can cause extreme pain and discomfort.

What causes dog seizures? How can you diagnose it? How can you treat dog seizures? And, what can you do when you dog has a seizure?

It is very important that you pay special attention in how you treat and care for your senior dog. You may consider making a few changes around the home so that you make your dog a little more comfortable.

Arthritis is a pretty painful disease that affects many dogs, and if you can catch it earlier than later your can find out the best treatment to help your dog life comfortable with a good quality life instead of having to deal with stiffness and pain in his joints.

Fleas and Ticks

Having a good flea control is important for the health of your dog. A bad flea infestation can cause devastating health reactions. You want to compare the most popular vet approved flea and tick control before choosing one.

Spay and Neuter

If your female dog is in heat, you may find help in the following tips and suggestions. If you want to get her spayed, som vets will do so while the dog is having her heat cycle, but typically it will break the bank, and to keep you and your household sane during the cycle, these tips should hopefully help.

If you have a female dog, you should probably be familiar with spaying female dogs. It is actually an important surgery that you should consider. Make sure that you know when you should have your female dog spayed and about the full process.

It is just as important to understand the process of neutering your male dog as it is knowing why it's important. It is just one area of dog health that every pet owner of a male dog should be aware of.


To help your dog heal his sutures, you may want to consider an Elizabethan dog collar so that he has no choice but to leave the wound alone. Find out how to properly fit your dog with his own Elizabethan Collar and how exactly they work.

It can be a very hard decision to make, sometimes the hardest, but when is it time? Find out a few tips that may help you out.

What really happens when you decide to have your dog's ears cropped or his tail docked. I mean some people claim the dog doesn't feel any pain, but does he?


Disclaimer: Please be aware that the advice in this article should in no way replace that of a licensed veterinarian. The methods outlined above may or may not work for your pet. If you have any concerns, you should consult a veterinarian.


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    • Misty39 profile image

      Misty39 6 years ago from Massachusetts USA

      The best way to keep my animals healthy is to buy their food in a holistic(health foods)there is cat & dog food also other natural pet foods,another thing is I read the ingredients,I look to see if the meat is real or soy & other fillers,I look to see what vitimins if any and the nutrition ratio,I recently found that Paul Newmans grand daughter put out some great cat & dog food,there is real meat,veggies,& plenty of vitimins especially what our pets need most is whats called taurine it's an enzyme needed for all pets.There are many other natural pet foods to choose from but my pets enjoy Paul Newmans;the best ever,their fur is softer & fluffier,their teeth are becoming cleaner some what as the other brand foods turned their teeth black including the gums.

      Again I train my pets by using doggie pads bought at any pet store,these pads have a scent on them where it helps to guide them to the pad,also you need to put the pad(after cleaning the urin up) in the same spot as he went previously until he eventually learns differently. Good luck.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 8 years ago from Georgia

      I'm not sure why it would make him pee in the house. If he's neutered, it shouldn't bother him that much, if at all. I've never heard of a belly band. What is it?

    • KailsChaos profile image

      KailsChaos 8 years ago

      think you can help on what i can do to stop him from peeing, i heard them make belly bands for this. do they work?

    • profile image

      kailschaos 8 years ago

      Hi whitney love you r hub info very usefully for the novice dog owner, i have question for you i have a lab x ducktoller in heat and i also have a nutured pitbullx great dane and he is peeing in the house is this because my female is in heat

    • broteem profile image

      broteem 9 years ago from KHARAGOUR

      RachelORD has aptly stated. It has emerged from a parent indeed and incidentally he is the owner of the pet. So much love you possess for the loving dog! Thank you, Sir.


    • byee profile image

      byee 9 years ago

      A good one-stop source for common health problems.

    • RachelOrd profile image

      Rachel Ord 9 years ago from Palm Coast


      All of these points you mention are very important in being a responsible pet owner or "parent" ;) We need to look out for our little guys! I'd like to add that it is very important to take your dog (or any pet for that matter) to the vet for his annual check-up and keep him ( I say him because mine is a male) up to date on vaccines and preventative meds. I also think it is important to keep an eye on their teeth...something we don't think about too much, but they need healthy teeth to stay happy and it can be very costly and painful if you need to have teeth pulled due to rot or decay.

      I have to say that I really enjoy reading your posts, so thank you for the great work and great topics.