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Doggy Max Meets Baby Bella

Updated on April 22, 2011

From The Continuing Saga of Dachshund Tales (Tails?)

Doggy Max was special, His mommy and daddy told him so all the time.

"You are sooooooooooooooo handsome, Max," they would say. "with your sleek, black coat and your loooooooooooooong body, you truly are a dashing dachshund."

Max's world was perfect, until one day Mommy disappeared and returned a few days later with a squirmy little bundle Mommy and Daddy called "Baby Bella". Now Mommy and Daddy were spending all their time with this "Baby Bella" critter. Doggy Max couldn't understand what made "Baby Bella" so special. All she did was cry and eat. Plus she was very wrinkly. He sure was a lot more handsome. But Mommy and Daddy never told him he was handsome anymore. They just hollered, "Be quiet, Max!" whenever he would woof.

Doggy Max was very sad. Now, most of the time he just cuddled in his bed with his favorite toy, Mr. Hedgehog.

After awhile, something strange happened. Baby Bella got bigger.... and bigger.... And the bigger she got, the more she could do. First she rolled over.... then she laughed. Doggy Max wondered if it was a kind of strange bark, but Baby Bella sure didn't look like a puppy.

When she started crawling across the floor, Mommy and Daddy thought that was sooooooooo special. Doggy Max was confused. What was so special about moving on all fours? He'd been doing it forever!

One day Baby Bella crawled over to Doggy Max's bed and picked up Mr. Hedgehog. Doggy Max was not happy. He raced over to his bed and barked three of his most scary woofs, but Baby Bella just laughed and threw Mr. Hedgehog in his direction.

"I sure hope she doesn't think I'm going to play with her," he thought to himself as he slunk away.

Baby Bella grew taller....and taller.... Now she was much higher than Doggy Max. He did not like that at all. SO he stretched as far as he could........................but Baby Bella was still higher than he was. Doggy Max wished Mommy and Daddy had brought home a puppy instead.

One day, Doggy Max curled up under Baby Bella's big, high chair for his nap. Baby Bella was eating all kinds of interesting people food.

"How unfair," though Doggy Max. "I have to eat dog food from a dish on the floor, while she gets to sit in a big chair and eat yummy people food."

He decided to complain. He stood under Baby Bella's big chair and woofed. Then a wonderful thing happened. A fragment of food flew towards him. He gobbled it up and woofed again. Another morsel headed his way.

"Baby Bella must think I'm really special," he thought.

After a few weeks, Doggy Max was not only a very loooooooooooong dog. Now he was a bit wider.  He was much happier, too, thanks to his absolutely favorite sister, Baby Bella.

13-year-old Doggy Max and his 7-year-old favorite sister, Bella
13-year-old Doggy Max and his 7-year-old favorite sister, Bella


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