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Dogmama's Poetry

Updated on March 3, 2018
dogmama58 profile image

Judy worked in insurance for many years before discovering how much she liked writing short stories on HubPages. Loves Rhodesian Rdgbks.

Don't Lie So Still

Chocolate Drop, don't lie so still.
I fear to go to wake you will
Reveal that you have slipped away
To The Rainbow Bridge today.
I am not ready to let you go!
Stay here tho the swift creek flow
Is calling you away from me.
These past 15 years, you see,
Are not enough to have you with me.
So Tsin'tia, don't go away.
Please stay with me one more day.

Judy White Ward

Copyright ©2007 Judy White Ward

In The Mill

In The Mill

She was bouncy, happy, and so gay

When she went to her new home that day.

She never had known suffering or pain

She'd never be that innocent again.

First they put her in a small cage

Then they fed her too little each day.

When her first heat came around

With a boy they put her on the ground.

Two months later and twice each year

The puppies came. She began to fear

That once so free, her life will

Come to naught in that puppy mill.

One day they took her out of her cage

But she was too badly used to rage.

To the Auction, in a nearby town

They took her with the others too run down

To keep producing the Cash Crop

Of puppies, year after year with no stop.

She didn’t know but there were some

Who had come to save her with collected funds.

They paid her price and took her away

From that horrid existence she suffered each day.

They cleaned her up, and she was fed

And then she slept on a clean bed.

No more wire to cut her pads,

She could run on the ground with two young lads.

Her remaining years she would spend

With a loving family, on carpet, in the den.

© Judy Ward 2/25/2008

For Quanah and CJ

Big dumb-blonde boy dogs

Galumphing through life

With your tails in the air

And your ears all afly,

Did you chase the cats?

Did you hide the ball?

Did you knock over the table

When you ran to the hall?

Hey! Where's that chicken

I had here in the sink?

Maybe you're not quite

As dumb as we think!

(c) Judy Ward 2009


There she lies,

My chocolate one,

All warm and toasty

In the sun.

Puppy days of run and play

Have quietly, slowly

Slipped away.

Now at night

Close by she bides

Tucked up closely

By my side,

She runs in dreams

Of chasing rabbits

Over cool, clear streams.

(c) Judy Ward 1996 Revised 2009

First appeared in the June 1996 (or '97) DogFancy

Krueger III

Krueger III

Our sweet boy went out to play

But did not come home that day.

A careless person in a car

Has sent him away, too far.

We will never see him more.

He will not bark at the door.

He won’t bark to be let out,

Or come back in at a shout.

He won’t snuggle by his dad’s side

Or by the window quietly bide

Waiting for his dad’s return.

Now tears in our eyes burn

And it is with sorrow that we look

Upon the memories in his book.

He was smart and quick to learn.             

At his dad’s voice he would turn,

Looking back as if to say

“I’m coming Dad, just let me play.”

Yes, he went outside that day

And to the Bridge he found his way.      

Julou’s Krueger III by Ruvanda

7/13/2007 – 1/01/2010

Judy Ward 1/17/2010

But I Never Did

When I was little, my toes were in the sand,

my hands were in the mud

and my voice soared with butterflies.

As I grew, my sounds took form

and became words with tunes.

I added to my repertoire and learned.

Soon my voice wanted more room.

It soared with birds, swam with fish.

It longed to be in a vast hall

Ringing out with conviction and emotion.

It wanted to paint pictures in minds.

I thought I would sing for all the world to hear.

But I never did.

I could have sung in school choirs,

Could have sung out more in church.

But I never did.

My song wanted to lead parades

And sing to the cameras and the hidden people,

But I never did.

Now my voice is old and weak.

It can't soar with birds anymore.

It can barely float with butterflies

And not long at that.

I had a gift from God

who wanted me to use it to his glory,

But I never did.

Judy Ward (c) 2014

Haiku: The Eagle

Eagle sits her eggs
Her mate keeps watch over her
New life soon will come.


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    • profile image

      gg judy virginia 2 months ago

      judy, i just read five of your poems. they are very enjoyable and makes me think about my life. my dh wrote poems similar to yours. don't stop. you will make others happy. God had given you a gift. your voice is crisp and clear and you make the song birds sing more gleefully. you can turn a sad day into joy. Don't stop. sing louder, dear friend. I appreciate you♥

    • dogmama58 profile image

      Judy Ward 8 years ago from Hutto, TX

      2 more below