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Dogs As Man's Bestfriend

Updated on May 7, 2017

3 Reasons Why Dogs are Man's Best Friend

It is true that Dogs are truly Man's best friend, and here are 3 reasons why.

1. They are loyal

Dogs are known to stick to their owners through thick and thin. They are loyal, they tend to be with their owners "'till death do us part". Some dogs are also reported to wait for their owners a long time, even if their owners passed away. There are also reports that dog stand or guard the tombstone of their owners until they pass away too, beside their owner. A movie that can show you just how loyal dogs are is Hachiko, which people built a statue for. So cute, right?

2. They protect

Dogs are known to protect their owners and their territory, once a dog has been used to your home they will protect you and your home from just about anyone that they don't know. Dogs are known to bark at anyone that may pose a danger to their owners and to their owner's home. There are also a lot of report that dogs save lives of people during disasters, even though they know that it is also risky for them. They sacrifice their own lives for the lives of their owners and other people and they do all what they can do, even if it risks their own lives just to protect us.

3. They love at its purest form

Dog's love for man is truly at its purest form, they won't hate you for scolding them, even if you hurt them so bad. They will continue to love you and to be loyal to you, even if you did hurtful things to them. You can share anything to them and they won't judge you and pretend to understand them plus they will try to cheer you up (sometimes without even trying). Their love for us is just as its purest form which is the best kind of love.


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