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Dogs Can't Hold Their Licker: Pictures of Cute Dogs Letting It All Hang Out!

Updated on July 5, 2021

The world is full of many beautiful animals from the tiniest insect to critters such as elephants and whales. Dog lovers will tell you that dogs are the most beautiful creatures in the world -- both inside and out. While I might tend to agree, I also think they can manage to be the silliest looking creatures to ever walk the face of the earth. Part of this is because much like my Uncle Joe, dogs just cannot hold their licker.

Every day as I am going here, there and over yonder, I see dogs walking, lounging and running and nine times out of ten, their big ol' tongue is just flapping in the breeze. Whether they are resting in the shade or dancing in the fields, dogs just love to let their tongues go wild. No matter how ridiculous they look, these canine cuckoos have not one sliver of self respect when it comes to keeping their lovely lickers under wraps.

Of course, a dog's tongue is very useful to a pooch. It may seem they just let that big ol' ham tongue go wild with no more purpose than a flag flapping in a random breeze, but they actually use their tongues to regulate their body heat, lap up cool water, literally shovel in the grub, taste that same grub and greet those folks that are fortunate enough to make their acquaintance (occasionally right after that tongue has been used to lick those hard to reach places that we probably should not mention). Eight different muscles control the movement of a dog's tongue when it is not simply flopping about all willy-nilly. It is really one of the most versatile organs found in any living creature! And think about it... can your tongue do all that? Would you really want it to?

What have we learned by taking a closer look at the canine tongue? Well, just that dogs are gosh darn cute no matter where their tongue might be currently deployed and a silly dog is still a gorgeous dog. Those tongues can be awfully dangerous when they really get out of control and may be responsible for more than a few slobbered down hamburgers, not to mention all the dripping wet human faces.

So if you have a furry friend nearby, take a moment to admire that crazy slab of licking lunacy they have hanging from their mouth. And if you do not have a furry friend nearby, head to the local shelter and get one. That tongue may seem frightening at first, but as we have discussed, it is really just a dog's way of letting you know they care! They really, REALLY care!

What is your favorite feature on a doggie's face?

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