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Dogs Love Pumpkin

Updated on September 5, 2012
Me, My Hubby, and Jack Jack
Me, My Hubby, and Jack Jack
Lacy and Ghost on dog couch after bath
Lacy and Ghost on dog couch after bath
Me, Lacy. and Sky
Me, Lacy. and Sky

It is the season for pumpkins, but did you know that pumpkin is good for your dog. The benefits of pumpkin for humans are wide know with content of vitamin C, fiber, and vitamin A. These same benefits will so help your pet.

A lot of dogs suffer from constipation or diarrhea. But pumpkin can cure both of these.

Diarrhea is often a sign that something wrong with you dogs digestive system. It can be caused by a number of factors, from your dog eating something it should not, or just switching the type of food your dog eats. Because Pumpkin is high in fiber but by adding a couple of tbsp. to your dog’s food can solve issues with Diarrhea and help the digestion process along with absorbing extra water present in the stool. It will make your dog’s stool more firm and results can be seen within just a few hours.

For your dog’s constipation Pumpkin can help by softening the stool making it easier for your pet to go. Pumpkin can cue most of your dos tummy problems in just a few hours.

If you trade out 1/3 of your dog’s food with pumpkin it can also help your dog lose weight, along with promoting a shiny, healthy coat. It will make your dog fulfilled and eat less and keep them happy all day.

According to Veterinarians Laci and Jed Schaible, co-founders of, the oils in pumpkins are believed to support urinary health. They are also an excellent source of Vitamin A, beta-carotene, potassium and iron, and may even reduce the likelihood your pet will develop cancer.

Also pumpkin will help your cat with hair balls along with other benefits for cats.

You can find canned pumpkin at any grocery story but I recommend Nummy Tum Tum Pure Pumpkin for Dogs, as it is made with your pet in mind

So this year as you buying pumpkin for your pie or bread get some for your pet also. It is well worth it and your dog will love you for the treat.


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