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Why Everyone Needs a Dog

Updated on January 28, 2018
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I am a front end developer by profession, but I enjoy writing articles about anything mysterious, interesting, and fascinating.

There is no other creature in this world who is as loyal and devoted as a dog. For those who have had the experience of raising a dog, there would be no doubt about this. It is more like raising a child than a pet. The amount of love and affection that they show you is incredible. They devote their entire life to the person who raises them.

Domestication of Dogs:


It is believed that dogs were one of the first animals to be domesticated by man. Before the start of agriculture, man relied on his hunting and gathering skills to survive. Humans roamed from place to place and hunted wild animals and foraged for food. This, however, was very risky as they could be easily attacked by wild animals.

In order to have a hunting companion, man domesticated wolves. Wolves were pack animals and they have a very strong protective instinct towards their pack. By selective breeding, only the desirable characteristics of the wolf were chosen. Dogs were used to help the humans hunt their prey and protect them from any wild animals. They have been an integral part of the life of humans ever since.

Role of Dogs:

attack dogs
attack dogs

Dogs have been used for a number of purposes. They are raised as watchdogs to protect people and their home from intruders. They are loyal creatures who defend their master to the death. There are a number of heroic stories where dogs have rescued people from dangerous situations. Their loyalty and bravery have no bounds.

For example, there was a dog called Layka who served as a military dog. During one fight she was shot 4 times at close range and despite her wounds, she managed to attack and subdue the terrorist who was attacking her handler. She survived her injuries and was awarded a medal for her heroism.

They have also been used in the army and police force as attack dogs. Due to their keen sense of smell, they are used to sniff out explosives and help bomb squads identify them easily. They are also used as guide dogs for the blind and disabled. But most importantly they make loving pets.

Dogs as Pets:


Over forty percent of Americans own a dog as a pet. They make loving companions who stay by our side throughout our life. It doesn't matter to your dog if you are good or evil, rich or poor. If you care for him, he will love you back with all his heart. There won't be a moment of your life that you will ever feel lonely. Your dog will always be by your side throughout everything.

I have raised a Labrador and he was such an angel for our family. He was so protective of us and used to follow us around wherever we went. There were times I used to come home late from work. No matter how late it was, he used to stay awake and ensure that I got home safely. He won't be able to sleep peacefully unless he knows that everyone has safely returned home.

No matter how stressful your day was when you see the face of your dog all your problems just melt away. The welcome they give you when you reach home is really amazing. Even if you had gone out for just a couple of hours, they welcome you back with such enthusiasm as if you had gone missing for years. They eagerly expect our arrival back home each and every single day.

Love and Loyalty:


Compared to any other pets, dogs are the most loyal. For comparison, if you feed and raise a cat, it will think: "The humans feed me and take care of me well. I must be God then!". However, if you feed a dog its thought process will be different. Since the human is feeding and taking care of him, he will think that the human must be a God to show such kindness. Dogs are grateful for their owners' love and affection.

The movie "Hachiko" is a must watch for anyone who needs to know about a dog's love. This movie is based on a real-life incident in Japan. A professor by the name of Hidesaburō Ueno adopted an Akita dog named Hachiko. The daily routine for Hachiko was to go to the Shibuya Station every day to welcome back his master from work. One day Hidesaburō did not return back from his office.

He had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and passed away. However, Hachiko was not aware of this and waited for him at the station. When he did not come back he returned and came back the next day to wait at the same spot. This continued not for mere days but for the next nine years, nine months and fifteen days till Hachiko died.

For a human, a dog may be a small part of their life. But to a dog, you are his entire life. They care about you and love you with all their heart. Hachiko waited for his master at the station for over 9 years. There may be times he felt desperate but he never lost hope. There is a bronze statue of Hachiko outside the Shibuya Station in honor of his memory.

Man's Best Friend:


There are many situations in which dogs are treated poorly by their owners. Some people abuse their pets and do not give enough care and affection. Not spending enough time with your pet can also affect its health. As I said earlier, raising a dog is equivalent to raising a child and they need constant care and affection. They are more like part of your family than a pet. So if you do not have the time to look after your dog, you definitely should not get one.

For those who have the time and patience to raise a dog, it will be an amazing experience. Dogs come in a variety of colors and sizes but they are all bundles of love. If you love them they will love you back wholeheartedly. They will be someone whom you can trust and rely on. They will definitely change your life for the best.

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    • Waheed Baloch profile image

      Abdul Waheed baloch 6 weeks ago from pakistani

      i liked this article much, being a vet student and a pet lover i wholeheartedly appreciate your this piece of writing