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Dogs Urinating - How To Determine The Cause

Updated on August 2, 2010

Owning a dog is a wonderful blessing that many people enjoy doing. However, they could run into the problem of the dogs urinating in the house at times. The issue that a person could run into though is not knowing why the dog started doing this all at one time. That is when a person will want to consider some of the causes that could be leading to the issue of the dogs urinating in the house.

One issue that a person should consider is the age of the dog that is having this issue.The age can help a person determine if the dog is still in the training phase or if they are starting to get older and losing control of the bladder. If they are young then they may want to consider taking them to a dog training course,    but if the dog is older then they may just need to take them outside more often than what they have already been doing.

Something else that should be taken into consideration will be the possibility of any infection.If a dog has an infection it is not like they can tell a person by talking. However, they will instead try to get a person attention in any way that they can. That may include urinating on the floor in front of the people that own them.

Another thing that should be taken into account is if the dog is starting to mark its territory for any reason. Many people think that cats are the only animals that are going to mark, but that is far from the truth. Dogs will do this behavior as well if they are trying to mark the territory that they live in, or if it is a female and they are not spayed it is possible they are trying to find a mate by marking around the home to let other dogs they are in heat.

Being able to determine why a dogs urinating in the house can be a difficult thing. However, for many people they will want to figure out why this is happening. When they know why it is happening then a person can take the measures to correct the problem. Then they can live happily with the pet that they love and not have to worry about them waking up to pee on the floor.


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