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Dogs and the Comfort They Bring During COVID-19

Updated on March 19, 2020

As I sit here huddled under a blanket in this uncertain time of the pandemic (and currently a blizzard) there are certain things that bring me comfort. The crackling fire, a warm cup of tea, but most of all I find comfort in my dog. Now more than ever we must take comfort in what we have instead of focusing on what we see in a store or that other people own. It is a time for reflection and we must find comfort in solace in all that we have including relationships. Winona is my beautiful cattle dog mix that we adopted approximately 5 years ago and she is the most feminine dog you can imagine. She crosses her feet and comes and uses me as a napkin to wipe her face after she eats. She is the love of my life but we must even prepare for her during this uncertain time. I went to the dog store about a week ago to buy dog food and they had only a few bags left. I was very aware of the toilet paper shortage but dog food??? I guess I should take comfort in the fact that people are so worried about their dogs around me that there could be a shortage but it is still alarming.

Food is not the only things that we should be focusing on for our pets. Grooming is also an important aspect of any dog care. I have been receiving emails about closing pet grooming and dog stores closing due to COVID-19 and this makes me worry about the grooming of many animals that are often brought in for their services. I think that this is the perfect time to learn to take some stress out of this and learn basic grooming habits as well. With plenty of time to spare, nails are an easy task to learn to do yourself with a basic dremmel off of Amazon. Working at grooming facilities has taught me a basic thing to look for when dremmelling. Always start slow for beginners and start by pulling your dogs foot back so you can view the underside of the nail. Second continue to dremmel each nail down until you see a sort of jelly bean in the middle of their nail, it is a small round waxy bit. This is the quick, do not go past this. Continue to round the edges of the nail for a smooth surface that will not scratch your floors or couch. This is an easy way to take care of your pets while we are in the midst of this disease and will save you money in the long run.

We can all start to feel pent up, especially those of us in cities like Los Angeles or New York City that are bustling with life normally but please try to not take it out on those closest to you. Our pets are the ones that love us the most and are likely the ones that are getting the most out of this. You are their whole world and there is nothing that makes them happier then when you come home whether you are gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Dogs are likely the most selfless animal that could ever exist and you are certainly the center of their world. Pet them, play with them, love them while you are not distracted by other things. I promise, you won't contract the dreaded COVID-19 from them.

Snuggle your own baby tonight and find comfort in the company that they bring you. We must learn to adapt our way of life style in a time of social distancing. Humans are not the only beings that we can find comfort in and often animals are better listeners anyways. Stay safe during these troubled times and allow the small things to fill you with happiness for an overall more fulfilling life.


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