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Intelligent Dogs: Top Ten Intelligent Dogs in the World.

Updated on March 26, 2015

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What is dog intelligence?

Dog intelligence is the ability of a dog to learn, think and solve problems. Some breeds, like the Doberman Pinschers, Border Collies, Poodles, German Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Rottweilers, Labrador Retrievers, Papillons, Australian Cattle Dogs and Golden Retrievers, are claimed by some to be "smarter" breeds of dogs because of their obedience.

Dogs are known to be pack animals, that is; they understand social structure and obligations, and are capable of interacting with other members of the pack. The adults train their young by "correcting" them when they behave in an unacceptable manner (such as biting too hard or eating out of turn) and reward them for acceptable behavior, by playing with them, feeding them, or cleaning them.

They are also den animals. This means that they can easily learn behavior related to keeping the den clean (such as housebreaking) and relaxing in an enclosed area (such as a crate during travel or for training).[wikipedia]

Stories involving dog's intelligence are also becoming popular even in the news headlines. Some popular examples include the dog that accompanied the NAVY SEAL's on Osama bin Laden's Pakistan compound which later led to his killing. This so far has created a wave of interest in the animals and their training. It was reported that sniffer dogs were also deployed to search for victims of the tornadoes in the American South and also in China where several hundred were rescued.

Another famous heroic story involving dogs is that of Belle the Diabetic Alert Dog. Belle triggered a call to the ambulance crew by biting on her owner, Kevin Weaver's, mobile phone. The dog was trained to detect potential diabetic attacks by licking and niffing Mr. Weaver's nose to check his blood sugar levels and pawning him. The dog then used her teeth to press the number nine key, which was programmed to interpret as a '911' call to emergency services when Mr. Weaver fell unconscious. Ambulance workers answered the phone and on hearing nothing but barking at the end of the line rushed to the caller's house in the city of Ocoee in Florida state. The dog was the first to receive the Vita Wireless Samaritan Award[June 20th, 2006 BBC News].

Ranks 1 to 10
Brightest Dogs

Understanding of New Commands: Less than 5 repetitions.

Obey First Command: 95% of the time or better

#1. Border collie.

This is the number one most intelligent dog.This dog lives to work and when not active it becomes bored. It needs something to do to be happy. Is used as a herding dog and since grown to be a sporting dog as well. It is used in many households because they can be very protective and can be good guard dogs. This breed is also loved by many investigation departments for investigations like sniffing out any whiff of illegal drugs. This dog breed is simply awesome.

Border collie


#2. Poddle.

This is the second most intelligent dog breed in the world.This breed of dog is absolutely brilliant. Poddles are used as hunting dogs(suprisingly) as well as watch dogs and rescue dogs. Experienced hunters will admit to owning a poddle and go with it in their hunting ventures. They are also used as water dogs because they are good swimmers and are not afraid of the water.

German Shephard.

#3. German Shephard.

The next most intelligent dog breed is the German Shepherd.This dog breed can be trained to do things humans can't. This is one main reason why in our society today they are trained to be police dogs, rescue dogs, and some even work with the military. They are very obedient dogs as well as protective and can be excellent guard dogs in your home. They won't allow any intruder or trespasser in your compound.

Golden Retreiver.

#4. Golden Retreiver.

These dogs are another man's companion especially for those who love hunting. This breed can be easily trained to find and bring back waterfowl or game that has been shot. The dog's soft mouth allows it to bring back unharmed game to its owner. It also will not be tempted to eat the game before taking it to its owner; it's a very loyal dog breed. They are also used as rescue dogs, drug sniffing dogs, and guide dogs (especially by the blind). They are also good guard dogs and used in many households around the world.

Doberman Pinscher.

#5. Doberman Pinscher.

This kind of breed comes in the middle of the list and is a dog breed originating from Germany. In the past and even currently, these dog are trained to be police dogs, watch dogs, and guard dogs. This breed of dog can be loving and loyal as well as tough and ferocious when necessary.This is a quality many prefer this breed to be guard dogs because they take instructions and will know who is part of the family or who is an intruder. They know when to act friendly and when to act ferocious (but only to intruders).

Shetland Sheepdog.

#6. Shetland Sheepdog.

Though not one of the most popular dogs around the world, this kind is a very smart one. They originated out of Scotland and are used to herd sheep. The Shetland Sheepdogs are very hyper and have a great sense of hearing. The will check out any noise they hear and where it is coming from.

Labrador Retreiver:

#7. Labrador Retreiver.

This is another very intelligent as well as one of the most popular breed of dogs in the world. They originate from Newfoundland. They are mostly used in the police force as bomb or drug sniffing dogs. Are also trained to assist the disabled,especially the blind. Other people also prefer to use them as guard dogs because they are very protective.


#8. Papillon.

This breed of dog is definitely one of the cutest and smartest of the kind. They are very charming and have always been a symbol of elegance. They have also proved to be very good watch dogs because of their good sense of hearing especially during the night. Just because they are small sized doesn't mean they are not good watch dogs!


#9. Rottweiler.

Also known as 'Rottie', Rottweilers can be mis-trained to be vicious, mean dogs that can take down an adult human being. This breed originates from Germany. They are sometimes used as police dogs because of their strong jaws and teeth. They are usually used by the police in cases or riots to scare away the protestors. This breed is also a very good guard dog because it is very protective and understands who its master is and who an intruder is. A mature grown Rottie is capable of taking a grown man down when it feels its under any threat or when commanded by its master!!!

#10. Australian Cattle Dog

They are known for their intelligence and this breed can be trained to herd cattle. Australian Cattle Dogs are trained to bite cattle(not too hard) so as to keep them moving. They are very active and love having a task at hand.

Dogs Are Proving to Be Very Intelligent Animals

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Intelligent Dogs: Top Ten Intelligent Dogs in the World.

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