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Don't Eat Veal

Updated on April 16, 2012

The Life of a Male Calf

A baby male calf doesn't get to meet his mother or even take one sip of her milk. Sad, huh? His life is unfairly devoted to the veal industry, and that alone is cruel, but that's not even half of it; they don't get to be a cow...roaming in a grassy field or taking a breath of fresh air. They can't be a cow even for one minute.

After you read this, you will probably never look at veal the same way again. But that is my goal!

Male calves are forced to live their tiny lives in a severely confined crate with a chain around their neck, deliberately designed to keep them from getting the proper exercise that they need to be healthy. You are probably getting upset just reading this far into the hub. But wait; sadly, there is more.

Do You Have Any Idea How Veal is Made?

From cows, obviously, right? The cows are treated decently right up until their painless slaughter, right? Oh, you are so far from the truth! Pain, misery, and suffering is required to get that pale, gourmet-style meat, because weak muscles and borderline anemia are the prime standards for that appeal. Many farmers are reluctant to expose the truth about veal production, deceitfully leading everyone to believe that cows are treated humanely, but animal activists know better!

You see, male cows obviously cannot produce milk, yet they are continuously conceived in order for female cows to keep producing milk. Therefore, their only use on a dairy farm is for human consumption. Their value is their beef and veal. They have to be so confined in their crate, that they are unable to move their neck or even turn around! And they are purposefully fed an all-liquid diet which is meant to cause anemia, giving veal its popular pale shade. The calves cannot bond with their mothers, play in the grass, or get to walk in a field. They are deprived of their needs.

Just imagine being tied down in a tiny crate, never getting to socialize, take a walk in the park, and being forced to eat a horrible diet. Imagine feeling your muscles slowly turning to mush, and having to stand in your own feces and filth. No breathing organism could possibly be comfortable in those conditions. But what can a calf do? They can't speak or protest against this; all they can do is be miserable and die a violent death as their throats are slit and bled out. They flail and kick helplessly in bewilderment and pain. Well, there you go; that is the life of a male calf. That's it. That's all they ever knew in their short life was pain and suffering. This is undoubtedly upsetting news, but don't worry; you can do something about it! And so can your family and friends. The simplest way to do this is obviously to boycott veal. A more difficult and controversial approach to this problem is to become a vegetarian and encourage others to do the same. That is up to you, but not all dairy farms are cruel to adult cows. Keep that in mind.

But Isn't Veal Good For You?

Perhaps you're wondering why you should compromise your health for a cow. I can see your point there, although I personally feel that the well-being of both humans and animals is equally important. But guess what? Veal can actually harm you in more ways than it can help you.

Due to the fact that calves are under such stressful conditions, they require a lot of medication. And as a result, veal is more likely to contain illegal drug residues than any other meat in the world. That definitely doesn't sound like the best meat buy, does it?

I am proud to say that I have never consumed any veal even before I knew exactly what it was: a pound of cruelty. I will not be responsible in any way for the unnecessary suffering of innocent baby cows. I hope you feel the same way.

Do Your Homework

Once again, I would like to make it clear that not all adult cows are mistreated, but the only way to be sure of this is to do a little research on exactly what farm your beef comes from. 

Usually, the common procedure for cow slaughter is stunning the animal unconscious before the killing. That method demonstrates compassion for animals, but at the same time, feeds people. Google your favorite burger joint or grocery store to get more information about where they get their meat. And don't just rely on the information that you find on their official site; Google around the net, reading reviews, stories, and other sources of third-party feedback about specific dairies. There will always be positive and sugarcoated information posted on the dairy's official site; after all, they are trying to gain fans! The only surefire way to learn the truth about a dairy is through customer feedback.

Once you learn about that particular dairy, channel that newfound knowledge into a personal sense of responsibility. Choose a response to cow cruelty. You may feel like you are just one person, but there are many others like you who share your viewpoint, and you're all in the same boat. So row that boat to your destination! Hopefully that destination is a better environment for all animals, even for those who are to be humanely slaughtered for food. Baby calves should not be ripped from their mothers and sentenced to an uncomfortable life. Veal is not a vital source of protein, so society is not giving up much for the sake of these cows. As long as humans stick to a balanced diet of fruits, veggies, lean meats, and a regular basis of exercise, they will be in good health. Animal torture is not a requirement for good health! So don't buy veal; plan another meal!

It Doesn't Hurt To Go Vegan (literally!)

When some people hear the word "vegetarian," a prissy, neurotic tree-hugger comes to mind. And in some cases, this may just be an accurate stereotype, but that's not what being a vegetarian is all about.

What would possibly tempt people to turn vegan? There are many reasons why. Some people don't like the taste of meat, some are just grossed out by the mere thought of chewing anything that once had a face, and then there are those who did, at one point, enjoy meat, but made a firm decision to wipe it out of their life completely once they found out the truth about how some of these animals are raised and killed for food. There are also religious reasons why some turn away from meat, and some become vegetarians only for dietary or other health-related reasons.

Vegetarians have their unique reasons for shunning meat, whether it's for the sake of their own health, personal preferences, or to make a statement to stamp out cruel farming methods, but I personally have loads of respect for former meat-lovers who sacrifice the yummy taste of meat in the name of animal welfare. I, myself, am admittedly not a vegetarian, although lately I've been giving the veggie idea some deep thought. Like I've mentioned, not all animals are treated with cruelty. Many cows graze peacefully in vast acres of farmland with a healthy diet and plenty of access to fresh air right up until their slaughter date. The choice to go vegan is up to you, and yes, more vegetarians means less animal deaths, including the production of veal.


I hope I've discouraged you from buying and consuming veal. By doing so, you are making an effort to put an end to cruelty to cows, and I hope that is enough of a benefit for you, along with the respect of others who share your views.

The harsh reality is, as long as people continue to support the consumption of veal, calves will stand in their unsanitary little crate, wanting their mother. And Mama Cow will mutually long to nurture her little baby. But that won't happen.

There's a massive variety of delicious and healthy foods out there. When you see that package of veal the next time you're grocery-shopping, turn your head away and think of it as turning the other cheek for a better world for humans and animals to thrive.


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