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Adopt a Homeless Dog and Save Its Life

Updated on September 12, 2017
Mixed breed dog
Mixed breed dog | Source

From the time I started to understand things, I have been an animal lover. When I was a kid I used to always request my parents to get me a pup but they always denied my requests, they had their reasons.

Last year in November, I decided that I was ready to have a new member in my family. I started looking for advertisements on the internet. I was not looking for any specific breed, l was just looking for a pup, with an intention that I can save a dog from being put on the streets to live or euthanized in shelters just because they cannot take care of it.

I have never understood people paying a lot of money for a dog when you can actually adopt a dog and save its life. The only difference I see between a mutt and a pure breed is that the mutts look a bit different.

Finally, I saw an advertisement that fit my requirements. The advertisement was put up by an old lady who looked after the strays in my area, she wrote in the advertisement that she had three puppies and it was becoming difficult for her to take care of the pups because of lack of money as she was living on pension herself. If she didn't get help, she will not be able to feed them and they will have to live on the streets. I called her and we agreed to meet and as soon as I saw the pup I was sure in my heart, that I had to adopt him.

That's how Chief came into my life. Then he was just 2 months old and now is a healthy, happy 10-month-old puppy who is loving, faithful, loves going for walks, plays with his toys and loves other humans, my friends are his friends. Is he different from other pure breed dogs? Of course not!

The next day we went to the veterinarian, she examined him and told me how we should go about with the deworming, vaccinations etc. Today he is vaccinated, eats natural and fresh food and is of course naughty because he has eaten my shoes a couple of times. But I still love my dogs very much because the love my dogs give me is unconditional.

Chief, the day i got him home.
Chief, the day i got him home.
My puppy Chief
My puppy Chief

I found my other adopted pup on a cold February morning, it had snowed and it was freezing. On my way out of my building I saw this pup crying and in distress, she was shivering and her legs were kind of cold. To gain her trust I threw her a piece of sausage and when I felt she trusted me, I picked her up and brought her home. She was stinking and had fleas all over her and she was malnourished. The first thing I did was giving her a shower and took her to the veterinarian the very next day to get her examined. She was treated for fleas and I was asked to feed her well so that she can gain some weight and then only she would be able to receive vaccinations. That's how Murphy came into my life. Today she is also a cheerful dog and makes human friends very easily, loves keeping herself clean. I am very happy that I picked her that day from the street where may be she would have died.

When I got Murphy home I noticed she already knew how to use the pee mat. I understood she was someone's dog and they left her outside in the cold to die. Sometimes it hurts me when I think people can be incompassionate, but I also understand may be the person who did this didnot have enough money to take care of the puppy. I really don't know.

I do not judge people because I cannot understand their thoughts or circumstances but yes, I can judge myself and have a guilt free conscience.

Both my pups get along with each other very well, they play together, eat together,go for walks together and have not given me any trouble whatsoever. They are the best security dogs too.

So I want you to give a thought, if you have the money and the time to take care of a pet, please do not forget the strays. They are equally deserving of our love and care like any other pure breed dog.

My pup Murphy
My pup Murphy

By buying only pure breed dogs, we are in a way allowing dogs to be abused. Nowadays, dog breeding has become a money-making business. The puppy mills are the worst place for a dog. They are kept there in pathetic conditions. The welfare of the mother dog is not thought about. Once she gives birth, she is not fed well to regain all her strength back, once she cannot give birth to anymore puppies, or gets old or gets sick she is put on the street to die or euthanized. When we demand pure breed dogs we are supporting such abuse indirectly.

I fail to understand the human race sometimes. Where are the qualities as the human race we should exhibit like love, compassion, sympathy? If we do not exhibit these qualities we are not humans, we are like the animals in the wild, but I guess animals are better because they do exhibit quality like love. Most of us have become slaves of money and are selfish.

I have also seen people who have kept animals and have no emotional bonding with the animal whatsoever. They have kept them for their convenience and comfort. When disaster or tragedy strikes, I can see people leaving their pets, whom they say they love. I think there is no reason for doing such a cruel thing because I have also seen many people carrying their pets even with all the troubles they have because that's what a loving owner does. As an owner, you are making a promise to your pet to take care of it and love it for the rest of its life and if you cannot make such a commitment it's better not to have one. I saw so many videos of pet dogs being tied to trees and owners have left them. I feel tying them and leaving is cruel than leaving them on street. At least if they are not tied, they can look for shelter, food and water.

Have a look at the mother dogs at puppy mills
Have a look at the mother dogs at puppy mills | Source

Mixed breeds or mutts are also dogs and they have more or less same qualities as the pure breeds. The mixed breeds have fewer temperament issues, they live longer as they do not get certain diseases that are most prevalent among pure breeds. Most of the mixed breed dogs either end up on streets or in shelters.

So to all the wonderful people out there who are thinking of getting a dog, please think about adopting a stray and save a life. Your pet will thank you all his or her life by being your best friend for life and they will love you unconditionally.

My puppies Murphy and chief
My puppies Murphy and chief

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© 2017 nicci


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    • profile image

      Larry W. Fish 7 months ago

      I just love this article, it shows the care, the compassion, the love you have for dogs. I agree with you that adopting a dog is the way to go. I adopted my, Cookie and I am so glad I did even thought she has health problems. I feel I needed her as much as she needed me. In my area many people adopt dogs and cats from shelters.

    • Necento anto profile image

      nicci 7 months ago from ukraine

      Thanks Imran, I am glad you liked the article. I think that if we share our personal experiences, people can learn from it and can make better decisions in life. I would like to add that I have neutered both my pets. :)

    • pen promulgates profile image

      Imran Khan 7 months ago from Mumbai, India

      Hey Nicci,

      Should I not tell you what a wonderful article this is!

      You have given such an excellent and fruitful advice to adopt stray dogs.

      I am thrilled to learn the beautiful experiences you have had by adopting the two dogs.

      One male and one female pet (dog) ha, hope that doesn't get a little naughty? :)

      You also give essential ideas about the longevity and healthcare of mixed breed against the pure one.

      Well done. Cheers!