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Dust In the WInd

Updated on June 8, 2014

Dust In the Wind

Dust In The Wind
Dust In The Wind | Source

Dust In The Wind

All we are is dust in the wind; love that song, by Kansas and how true it is. I just watched a mother Duck and her siblings in a straight row behind her following her every step and they went between two buildings and lost control when the wind blew from another direction causing the baby ducklings to blow and twirl around and the Mother Duck trying to gather these babies up and take care of them. It seemed funny at first, yet if you think about it , the baby ducklings cannot fly as the Mother can and to get caught up in a wind tunnel as they did , just scared these ducklings to a rapid heartbeat. The Mother Duckling was gathering them up and off they went down the street in line behind the Mother on their way possibly to the park.

Once you see something like this , you know how creation is so magnificent and how a mother , no matter if she is a Duck or human cares for her young, even when the young get older. This is a God reaction to me, you can call it as your scientifically see it, to me its spiritual. God made women to reproduce and to produce children and with a mother whom is in her right mind will take care of her children to any extent, as the Ducks I just watched on a Podcast. I would usually laugh at such as action yet it wasn’t funny.

The mother of an infant is the most precious object of desire to me, especially if it’s an infant. A Mother together nursing the baby for the first time is so eye opening and bonding. I am a photographer as well as many other job descriptions, and I have seen such photographs and the bonding that takes place for a mother and her child is miraculous. I have a son who is sixteen now and he is a miracle from God as well as your child is to you.

Mother nature gets destroyed by mankind for profit to feed their siblings even at a corporate level , there is no blame we are set on a path of self-destruction and there is some talk about humans in the bible , how we should hold the ten commandments, and live by these and there are those that will disagree with me as to these being a part of how to live, and disagree as you will. The Bible to me is the book of how to live written thousands of years ago, and tends to repeat itself with the way we have evolved with the world changes. Even with Japan’s fallout and our scent of the air we will get our share of destruction and re-birth. These things are written in words that are taken out of context every Sunday by a different Sermon in church. This makes for a few disbelievers in this book called the Bible, and I have to admit I don’t understand it all.

I understand this mother and her child is an entity that has glorious meaning and to often we just take it for granted. Watch some animals as I saw in this Podcast makes you really think about a God when you see these spineless little creatures following their Mother is just amazing fact. There is a Supreme being that keeps control of brainless looking animals, that have instinct’s as our human selves and to hurt one of these creatures would be spine tingling if you just sit and watch how beautiful they are in nature. God made the world and he put the people in this world and most sin and make mistakes, but he forgives even the lowest of lows, so remember if you see a dog in the street or a cat, don’t speed up and try to hit the thing, they are part of your world and mine, and we have no rights to hurt these helpless, funny looking sometimes, creatures that I sure didn’t make nor you, they are like us; dust in the wind, so therefore God.


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