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Updated on May 23, 2009

Rusty's Charm

Cockatiels are one of the most favored pets.  Just feed them with a special mix of bird seed and the other with vitamin plus. The outstanding characteristic of this bird is imitating whistle sounds like the 12.123.1234, let's go slogan or the normal whistle of a human.  Chirping in the morning to let you know he's awake or to wake you up.  Wild to handle becoming tamed using a lot of persistence.  He may harbor grudge towards you.  If you prohibit him to roam around ,he will show his aggression by cutting all the leaves of your favorite plant.  He will show his charm when you hold him in your arms,caress him in your bosom and brush his head under your chin.But if you want to make a feat with him just point your finger infront of him up and down,his sharp beak will  poke your finger up and down with loud shrilling cries.  He also plays with his bird toys, a bridge, a swing, two hanging rings and a ringing bell.

He exercises early in the morning on his fitness corner of the cage whirling his body around the log or stick (bridge across his cage).

Cockatiels will fill your days.  If you are feeling blue ,he is a great companion.  At length of being your companion , he would nibble on your ears to tickle you or climb over to your head and pull the fine strands of your hair.  In time he will eat with you at the dining table.  His special food chinese noodles and hamburgers.

Once a year he would shed off his feathers and he would look sick, so mix bird seed with vitamin plus.  His water and food must be change everyday living also in a clean environment.

A sudden illness maybe fatal.  Any change in his behaviour should get your emergency attention.  Bring him to the Vet.  One day of not eating is life threatening.  If he is not singing early in the morning,not moving from his perch closing and opening his eyes every now and then, holding him with no response, he is  scarely sick.  Let the Vet examine his droppings. He's got diarrhea.  His tongue smelled and spit the water.  Further test was necessary but the bird specialist lived far so let him try to take antibiotics mix with food.

By the way,bacteria might be breeding on the bird's cage flooring.  Wood shavings might be dangerous to use because of their nibbling habit Wood shavings they have eaten might stick in their throat.Better use white blank paper for them to nibble.  The ink may cause poison due to chemical content. All these measures must be done to keep him healthy and strong.

Get ready for a spectacular show and time to introduce Rusty my handsome ,rust colored cockatiel while you are sitting by.  Watch his tricks like an acrobat.  In his cage are his circus toys.  Two rings hanging below each other with a bell at the bottom.  He starts his show by climbing up the the sides of his cage,scaling the spokes of his cage upward.  While his legs hold on to one of the spokes his sharp and strong beak reaches the upper ring then his legs loosens and abruptly jump to the ring now swinging.  After he had perched with a good balance he bows his head to go down to the lower ring  Bottoms up,legs holding on to the side of the lower ring he uses his beak to climb down and drops at the bottom of his cage.  He then brush his head to the bell and the bell rings while he is doing this.  If you stay he will continue his show by climbing up again to his bird swing.  On his bridge he will reach the swing extending his neck and his beak holds the platform firmly then his legs catches it to hold the swing, hanging his body in a hanging acrobat position.  He will do this again to impress and entertain you the next time you get near to him.

He spends most of the day on his bird feeder picking on his mixed seed diet and drinks water on its hanging container.

Being sad, feeling the gap that  Rusty left I don't  know when will I replace him after five years of being with us and  the one and only  flying pet on my hand to love and care within this time. Among the others I had before him he was the most talented and caressing type of pet.


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