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Pet Products - Good for Your Pets and Good for the Earth

Updated on September 4, 2012

Pet Products that are Good for the Environment

Natural “pet products”  are becoming more commonplace and easier to buy, with bigger selections, and an expanding product lines. Pets are part of the family, and as the trend for earth friendly products increases for human consumption, the demand increases for pet purchases.  The pet industry has approximately $47 billion dollars in sales on pet products and services in 2010. Pet lovers have spent this money on food and treats, pet supplies, veterinary care, over the counter pet medications, and pet ttoys. The typical dog owner spends about $40 per dog on  toys for their canine friends per year.  Cat owners spend approximately $19 per cat on toys each year. This is according to APPA, The American Pet Products Association.  In the U.S. there are 140 million household cats and dogs. People include their dogs and cats in their holiday celebrations. In addition, 13.5 million felines and 9.8 million canines will celebrate their birthdays with pet gifts from their owners.

Many pet owners are looking for organic and natural toys as an option to purchase. There is a stronger demand for use of pesticide free products that offer non toxic and chemical free alternative materials.  People are becoming more aware and health conscious about their purchasing choices. People are choosing to buy products that have no dyes or toxic materials and are safer for their pets in many ways.  Pets can have allergic and adverse reactions to the products, just as people would. Your loyal pets rely on you to protect them and do what is in their best interest.

Natural Pet Products are Good for the Environment

Pet Products are made to be Earth Friendly

A wise choice in pet product purchases will contribute to the health and better well being of your pet. Playing with your pet is also an integral part of their happiness.  When pets engage in play, it appeals to their instinct to hunt and helps them develop better mental and physical skills. Play helps ;you bond with you pet.   The Humane Society of America gives a toy tip for cats.  They suggest you get one toy for them to carry, one toy for them to wrestle with, and one toy they can ”baby” as they roll around with it.   Dog toys help your canines avoid boredom. The Humane Society recommends  4 kinds of toys that are beneficial for your dog. They need “one to carry, one to shake, one to roll and one to baby”.   Play helps a dog relieve stress. When you, for example, play ball with your dog, and they fetch and return it, they release energy they have been storing up.

This is an ever growing selection of natural pet products available. There are eco friendly beds for dogs made from a blend of fiber fill and recycled plastic beverage bottles. Some beds are made with 100% organic cotton. There are self flushing kitty toilets that flush into the sewage system similar to a human toilet. An in ground disposal for dog waste works like a septic tanks.  It goes into the ground, add an enzyme powder on occasion, and the waste breaks down automatically. It works in virtually all soils, including sandy soil, but not hard clay ground.

Cat litters have also become more environmentally friendly.  Many cat litters are made of corn, wheat, newspaper that is recycled, wood chips, and other plant based products. When grooming your pets, you can look for products that are pesticide, detergent, and alcohol free. They are gentle for your pets and considerate for the earth’s environment. Products include hypo-allergenic shampoos, odor removers, stain fighting products, dander remover, chewing products, shampoos for puppies, and bio-degradable training pads.  Some shampoos are made from oatmeal.  You can even find pet products for natural bug, flea, and tick repellent sprays made with green tea, citronella, and lime.

Learn More About Natural "Pet Products"

Pet Nutrition Products that help the Environment

Look for toys that are made with natural dyes and organic cotton ingredients. There are many organic toys available for pets. They should be pesticide free and have no chemicals added, and are biodegradable. Some toys are made from recycled rubber. Some toys are made from hemp. Scratching posts are also made from recycled materials. Pet collars made from nylon are made with petroleum. Hemp collars are made of durable fibers that get soft as they age.

It is a strong material, and is ideal for collars, leashes, and harnesses. You will find more and more pet products made from hemp.

The growing awareness about being environmentally conscious is creating a greater demand in the pet industry for our dogs and cats. Educated purchasers of pet products appreciate the value of organic and natural products for themselves and their pets. Many consumers are intentionally purchasing environmentally sustainable products. Organic pet products and for humans must conform to USDA regulations and high standards for certification. Organic ingredients in pet nutrition products like pet food and pet snacks is gaining in popularity, including many ingredients that help preserve the earth.

Pet Products that are Good for your Pet and the Earth

Natural pet products are chemical  pesticide, and dye free. Environmentally friendly pet products or eco friendly pet products consider the environment in the manufacturing of the product. Eco friendly pet products are made from recycled items and these eco friendly products can also be recycled. Usually these products are made with little impact to the environment.  There are no labeling requirements or certifications to mark a pet product as “green”,  Usually these products will be labeled as compostable and biodegradable.  Often you may even see that the bag that is made of cellophane, a recyclable material from wood pulp.  This would be labeled as such if it is manufactured this way.  It is important to protect our landfills, and avoid polluting the earth.   

Where the opportunity exists, it is a great idea to buy green “pet products”.  Educate yourself and try to do what is best for your pets and for our planet earth.


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    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California

      I think this is a great idea. It's important because the pet industry is so huge - we should think sustainably because we buy a lot of products to care for and keep our pets. Great Hub.

    • profile image

      kims3003 7 years ago

      Well thought out and well written hub with lots of great information! Nice work!

    • Beege215e profile image

      Beege215e 7 years ago

      good info. a lot of people I know don't always buy the best dog food possible, but forget about green toys or clothes and just buy whatever is cutest. I always take my dog to the pet shop with me and talk with a salesperson about green or just look for eco friendly tags. Great hub

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi toknowinfo, i always try to buy green when ever i can,love the little dog with the go green coat!

      Great hub!!!