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Easy Cat Toilet Training Tips

Updated on September 20, 2010

Easy Cat Toilet Training Tips

Does your whole house or apartment smell like your cat? Are you frustrated when you find tiny surprises from your cat in the corners of your house? At wits end and questioning as to why you got yourself a cat? Worry no more! Easy steps can be done to end this dilemma.Train your cat to visit that pretty little litter box every time it has to go.This training will require your full understanding patience, time, a litter box and lots of treats.Here are a few cat toilet training tips:

Singling out the perfect litter box for your cat will be the first cat toilet training tip.Give your cat a litter box with just the right size and height.If you still have a little kitty, shop for a litter box that is a little smaller than those of the adult cats but a little larger than those for kitties.Ensure that the litter box has enough space for your cat.Being able to move freely inside will add to their comfort in using the litter box.This will be the main purpose of the litter box selection.The succeeding cat toilet training tip will be choosing the litter.Different cats have different preferences so this might me a trial and error step.Almost all cats like the fine, sand-like grains of litter in the box.This type of litter gives a cushiony feeling and added comfort for the cats.The right kind of litter will make your cat training easy and quick.Keep away the things that may remind your cat of the outdoors.Another cat toilet training tip to remember is to keep rocks, sand, soil and other items that would remind the cat of the outdoors covered or better yet, outside if the house.These items remind the cat so much of the outdoors and can hinder the progress made with the litter box.A cat will always relate the outdoors with a place to go to the bathrooms anytime, anywhere.Keeping these items outside can ensure better progress with toilet training.Put your cat to familiarize itself inside the litter box during the first part of the training.Observe your cat and set the best time and mood for this.If the cat does its business inside the litter box be sure to reward it with treats, good words and loving pets.

With these easy cat toilet training tips, your cat will be using its litter box in not time and your house will go back to smelling nice and fresh! 


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