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Eating Meat is Unethical and Unnecessary

Updated on September 16, 2015

The consumption of meat is not a necessity for humans of today, where other sources of food are readily available. Whereas humans feel animals are there for their consumption and taking as they want, the reality is that, meat-eating is unnecessary, unethical, cruel, and every animal deserves an equal chance to live and a good life, just as humans feel they deserve a chance at life.

Meat eating has been done since the beginning of humanity when there were available sources of meat for humans to hunt and consume. The cave people of the past and other hunters and warriors depended on meat and other forms of animal life for survival and in fact behaved similar to many predators out there in nature today who rely solely on this source for food and survival. It's understandable that in the past, homo sapiens, homo erectus, and many species of humans had no other sources of food so they had to hunt for their meals. However, is the consumption of meat a necessity in today's day and age, where we as humans who are omnivorous and live in a society where all kinds of foods are reality available to us, have wide varieties of all kinds of foods at our disposal, as well as the luxury of 'meat.'

I believe it is not in any case. We as humans in today's so-called 'civilized' society have every kind of food imaginable to us from grains, to snack bars, to crackers chips, nuts, seeds, tofu, soy, soups, breads, and all kinds of engineered creations being thrown our way every year created from various sources. Sure, the average humans enjoys beef, steak, chicken, fish, seafood, and all kinds of meats, but is the concept of consuming meat absolutely necessary for our survival, and worse, the mass murdering of millions of innocent animals who are produced solely to be used as human food, bred and not given a chance at any form of life, enjoyment or pleasure? Not only is it not necessary, but it is an absolute abomination to mass produce innocent animals for the sole purpose of them becoming food for humans, not giving them a chance at life, pleasure, or enjoyment. It is cruelty and a deviousness that is welcomed and accepted because of the human belief that these animals lives are of no importance and are allowed to be only created and used for food purposes.

A cow is being bred, to produce calves, those of whom are going to live their very short lives, in tiny crates and boxes where they will never see sunshine, or daylight, where they can barely move or turn around, and will be fed concoctions of varying liquids in order to produce a more tender distinct form of veal for the human consumer. Animals are being bred and used only for food sources, with no care for their lives, their worth, their desires. Is this a humane thing to do? It's one thing to be a hunter/gatherer from the past and have no food sources, and have to shoot down your prey in order to eat, but to live in a world where animals such as chickens, cows, pigs are being bred on mass levels, tortured, used, abused and then slaughtered cruelly is a completely different concept. This is not only murder, torture, its cruelty and it should NOT be happening in a civilized society where we have the option of eating MANY other forms of food out there.

A mother pig trapped in a crate unable to move while her piglets struggle and suffer.
A mother pig trapped in a crate unable to move while her piglets struggle and suffer.

Well, no one puts down the lions, or other predators in society for killing animals?

Are you really going to tell me, that people are stupid enough to compare human farm factories where millions of animals are brutally tortured starved and slaughtered cruelly to simba the lion who NECESSARILY has to kill or hunt down some prey in order to live and survive through the very circle of life, and cycles of nature? It is of course NOT the same thing nor will it ever be. Simba the lion is not mass torturing large numbers of animals in order to consume its meal. The lion, tiger and other animals are just doing what they have to do to survive and eat, and this is ok. It might be horrific for the innocent animals who are killed, but this is nature, and how nature works. The lion doesn't have the ability to go grab some nuts off a tree, eat a fruit, or buy a bag of chips. The lion must eat what's available to him. Nature is NOT the same thing as the human mass torture of millions and billions of animals at a catastrophic and disgusting horrendous rate in order to appease the palates of millions of spoiled and selfish human beings who have no care for the lives of any of these innocent animals.

Many religious books speak of animals being there for the humans to enjoy, consume. Even in those past days, there was no mass torture of animals. There were farms, and animals were given adequate land to live on then slaughered in a humane way. So if God was speaking to humanity through those books, he was letting those prophets know that animals can be consumed by humans, if so, yet the animal is surely NOT meant to be bred, created in mass quantities in factory farms just so they can live a short hideous cruel and brutal life, only to be tortured and murdered by cruel humans who treat them as if they are nothing. These animals lives, matter, EVERY animal's life matters and has meaning and worth. Chickens do not deserve to be bred to be used, nor do cows, pigs or any animal on this planet. You'd think that in a civilized society we would know better. In THIS modern civilized society we would have done away with animal consumption all together!! With all modern technology out there, we can't create a product that is similar to meat, tastes like meat, so we can in fact eliminate the consumption of animal meat altogether? Are you telling me that in a society so highly technologized that we can't come up with products SIMILAR to meat that taste even BETTER than meat, to resort to over mass murdering millions of innocent creatures??

Not only do humans not NEED to eat meat, they do NOT need to create large farms to mass breed and torture and cruelly treat these innocent beautiful animals who DESERVE a CHANCE AT LIFE and whose lives should NEVER be created solely for the purpose of being consumed or being consumption for human beings. Every animal's life matters- each and every animal is a LIVING, BREATHING, sentient creature with feelings, emotions, love, respect, who DESERVE a chance to live a happy life. No animal is created only to be used for food. Animals are loving, caring beautiful creatures who deserve the same chance at life that every human does. They are intelligent beings who are fully aware of everything that is happening around them. Humans lack the awareness or compassion for these innocent creatures who have no voice and no say in what happens to them. While it is not always the fault of the human who lacks awareness and isn't forced to really care about the conditions in which these animals have to endure and suffer, humans have a right and duty to do what they can to protect and help these millions and billions of innocent animals who suffer mercilessly just so humans can have their flesh to eat. All while this is completely unnecessary since humans are omnivores and capable of eating anything and have plenty of other food sources and options at their disposal.

Animals are living sentient creatures which deserve respect, love, care and in today's 'modern' society we need to find a way to come up with alternatives to meat and remove the concept of meat-eating altogether and protect the future of the species of this planet and stop the madness that has been ensuing with the cruel and unethical treatment of farm animals, and animals being used for food, and find a new solution and alternative for this civilized planet.

Peta protest against factory farming
Peta protest against factory farming


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