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Effective Methods for Rat Control | How to Kill a Rat | Best Mouse Traps

Updated on June 16, 2013

Personally my home is in a beautiful village and I am really happy to share that I am staying very much close to nature. House is surrounded with lots of tress like coconut, mango, banana etc. We mainly using firewood for cooking. (These points to be keep in mind)

My goodness !!!! Recently I have noticed terrible instances which made me think about effective rat control. Once day I was packing up my clothes in a hurry and suddenly I noticed couple of my shirts are having small small holes. This made me think and I searched the reason behind the same. After inspection I found lots of mischievous happenings inside my house. Wood Doors are broken and got couple of holes on it, side portion of windows having damaged. Then I come to know the power behind that, that is non other than the ruling kings of garbage box " RATS " . Yes they are making their way clear towards Kitchen.

All these things are executed by the rats mainly during night time. They are not active during day time because people are staying there. Now the question is that from where these rodents are coming in huge numbers !!! While examining this point, it comes to know that they are well settled in the storage room were my mom keep all those things which are not used regularly for the day today purpose like old home appliances, clothes, wooden wastes, wood furnitures etc. So rates / mouses are getting good accommodation over there. Then they only need food and for that purpose they have to come inside to kitchen or to go out. During night , rats come all their ways to get something to eat.

You may feel the above written things as a small screenplay. But this is exactly happening in most of the households. Now next step is making things clear. Means first of all we have to be aware about rats and rat control. If you are an owner of a house, which is basically situated in outskirts or village type atmosphere, you must have been searched on the internet about how to kill rats, how to kill a rat, rat control, mouse traps, Rat Traps etc. That means we should know the ways for getting rid of mice and rats. For getting this information each person must know the things which are to taken care in order to reduce or kill the rats

Where Rates Love to Live inside the House ?

Inside the house, normally rats love the spaces like walls / ceilings, cupboards , areas near water heaters, basement, storing rooms etc.

How to Keep Rats away from our House

* One should not keep firewood inside or very near to the house

* Garbage cans should be covered properly in a way that even small insects cannot get inside.

* Keep inside and outside of the house clean

* Keep food materials and food in closed containers with strong lids

* Try to close each and every openings to the house

* If your house having close connection with trees, then don't hesitate to cut the branches so that rats from outside cannot get inside

Ways to Kill a Rat | How to Trap a Rat | Mouse Traps

There are lots of options which are used by people for killing rats as mentioned below

* Usage of rat poison (not at all advisable at all. It is too much risky to use rat poison because, it may harm for home pets, children and even for adults.)

* Keeping Cat as your pet (Cat and rats are best enemies and it can be used as mouse repellent)

Click thumbnail to view full-size
See the rat which is stick on gum Gum Trap This is how the gum trap look like
See the rat which is stick on gum
See the rat which is stick on gum
Gum Trap
Gum Trap
This is how the gum trap look like
This is how the gum trap look like

* Rat Gums are available in the market. Only thing we have to place this gum where rates used to move. If rat come across this gum trap, it cant escape due to the sticky gum. (Refer the pictures for reference.
(In my experience, gum mouse trap is effective, it can place easily and rat may trapped easily. But releasing rat from the trap is very difficult. One option is that we can bury the mouse including trap. But one gum trap cost Rs.35/- in local market. I used 1 trap four times and got 4 rats on it.

But maintaining is very difficult. Main thing we should be very much conscious about this gum. It can only place during nights or in places where people must not enter. Otherwise there is every chances for us to got trapped ourselves. Also it can damage the surface where it kept. For example if the gum trap is placing on tiled or marble surface, gum can stick on the same when trapped rat trying for escape.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Mouse Trap with Potato Slice insideMouse Trap with Spring Door OpenedBack View of Mouse Trap
Mouse Trap with Potato Slice inside
Mouse Trap with Potato Slice inside
Mouse Trap with Spring Door Opened
Mouse Trap with Spring Door Opened
Back View of Mouse Trap
Back View of Mouse Trap

Traditional Mouse Trap

From my childhood I am seeing the particular Mouse Trap and without doubt I can say this is the best and effective option to get rid of mouse.

How it Works
Mouse Trap is a small box type equipment which has got a door with spring, a metal rod inside where we will hang the food items to attract rats inside the box (Metal Rod will be connected with spring door when the door is opened). The spring Door has a handle like thing, which can be used to open the trap door by pressing the handle down. This handle will be having narrow connection with the metal road in order to keep the door open. When the rate get inside and starts eating food, it will create shakes to metal road and it will loose the narrow connection with the handle and automatically the spring door will be closed within fraction of a second. That's it, Rat got trapped inside.

Most importantly , this method is hygienic among other options. Once the rat got inside, we can take the box to convenient place where we can kill by dipping into water or other ways and bury in soil.

* From my experience, I found potato, waste of cooked meat, coconut pieces can be used to attract rats inside the box. Before reusing Mouse Trap should be clean properly thus getting better effects.

* Keep rotating the food materials regularly. This seems to be more effective to me.

Hope above mentioned information are useful. Do share your thoughts on the same here.


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    • shelpeare profile image


      4 years ago

      Interesting post. I have heard that rats prefer cooked food to cheese. Oh rats! That means people have been doing it wrong for decades.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      good information............. keep writing

    • incomeguru profile image

      Oyewole Folarin 

      6 years ago from Lagos

      This is a very useful information, and basically about how to get rid of rats. Presently, there is an outbreak of lassa fever mostly in the northern part of Nigeria as a result of the presence of rat in their home where people resides. Thanks for sharing!


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