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Eggs World in Safari World Bangkok Thailand

Updated on July 17, 2011

Eggs World

Whereas parts of Safari World in Bangkok Thailand is locked away in the the last century as far as zoos go it does have a few exhibits which let it stand out over and above the rest.

One such of these is Eggs World. Eggs World claims to be the 'Worlds One And Only'. This is probably true. As such there are no others to compare the exhibit to. That said it is extremely doubtful that anyone could do it better. It is a fantastic exhibit.

One enters Eggs World along a planted covered walkway. The entrance is supervised. I would imagine that they would not let ice cream or eating inside.

Inside there are some very clever exhibits and some preserved birds. Happily the taxidermist knew what he/she was doing. Makes a change from many zoo taxidermy specimens I have seen. Those at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park immediately springs to mind. The preserved Ostrich here in Eggs World is actually in better condition than the living specimens in the Safari section of Safari World. There, all of them are having their feathers eaten by the Giraffes.

Entrance to Eggs World

World's One and Only

A Worthy Aim

Equipment for Ringing and Feeding

One of the first things which will strike visitors to Eggs World is the cleanliness. There is no 'birdy' smell. All the incubation and chick rearing is being done behind glass. In the era of 'Bird Flu' this is an obvious precaution from both directions. On the other side of the glass it is positively, but tastefully, clinical. Staff working there are all gowned up and masked.

Similar exhibits rarely show the equipment used. Here they make a point of displaying it and it makes the visit that much more interesting. 

Hatchlings in incubators

Bigger Chicks in Temperature Controlled Brooder Boxes

Egg related displays - Factoid style

One of many graphics

Slightly Macabre but fascinating display of Bird Skeletons

All the displays have been put together by an expert. The visitor is drawn along wanting to learn more. There is not a mass of reading to do. It is short interesting factoids. Enough to stimulate but not bore.

Education officers from zoos around the world would learn much from a visit here. 

Somewhere to Sit

This is a bench in Eggs World. Such is the attention to detail in this wonderful exhibit.
This is a bench in Eggs World. Such is the attention to detail in this wonderful exhibit.

Well Worth a Visit

Eggs World shoots straight into my top ten of zoo exhibits I have seen anywhere. A definite 'must' for anyone with a zoo interest visiting Bangkok. 

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  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 8 years ago from South East Asia

    Glad you agree. It is good!

    I could not help having a stream of Mother-in-Law jokes stream into my mind when I read your comment.

  • Jerilee Wei profile image

    Jerilee Wei 8 years ago from United States

    Having been there I'd have to agree this was my favorite part of the part and I'd like to visit again (if I could skip Bangkok, long story). Didn't get to see as much of it as I wanted to because we lost the other mother-in-law (Chinese) who spoke no Thai or English, and were scurring around looking for her. She was smart enough to wait by the exit, but so embarassed that she cried all the way back to the hotel and then got mad at everyone for losing her and wouldn't speak to us.