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Electric Blue Crayfish

Updated on January 23, 2019

Freshwater Electric Blue Crayfish

Scientific Name: Procamarus Alleni

Other Names: Blue Crayfish, Blue Lobster, Everglades Crayfish

Origin: Florida

Size: Adults 10 - 18 cm

Water Parameters: Temp 55-75F, Ideal PH 7.0,

Kronos The Crayfish

Keeping a Crayfish

If you have at least a 20 gallon aquarium, you may want to try one of these monsters for A pet. This one is named Kronos. My son named him after the greek god in mythology. He is an interesting creature for a fact. These guys are escape artist so be warned. Don't give them any thing to climb up on or they will be out in no time. Do give them some places to hide though. Caves and plants are recommended. They do prefer to stay on the bottom and live plants will not last long at all just so you know.

Breeding Crayfish

Breeding these crays is not difficult as long as you have male and female. The males have longer more pointed claws and an extra set of legs near his vent that look like hockey sticks. These are used to hold the female during mating. The female will care for her eggs and after hatching, the young will ride around on her for a couple of weeks.

To encourage breeding there are a few things you can do , such as give them places to hide like caves and lots of plants. Try adding a few cheaper live plants for them to munch on and play in. Increase the amount of water you change when doing your regular maintenance by an extra 10% for a few weeks. Last thing is to feed a little extra protein to your crayfish. If they are happy and healthy they will breed.

What To Feed a Crayfish

Feeding is not a problem because they are omnivores and scavengers. They will eat anything you give them or anything they can catch. We feed ours a variety of flakes, algae wafers, and sometimes shrimp pellets.They are not good at catching fish but will if given an opportunity.

Molting takes place on average twice a year. Leave the old exoskeleton in the tank and the crays will eat it. They will hide in a cave or pipe until the new exoskeleton hardens. They usually get very active after the molting process is over and seem to be hungry all the time. Don't over feed them no matter how much your tempted to toss in another meal to that cute little blue face!

Consider an occasional calcium tablet. Once every few weeks I will drop about half of a 500mg oystershell calcium tablet in the tank per adult cray. This makes sure they get the calcium and magnesium they need. They don't require any salt at all but can tolerate some salt if you use it in your tanks.

Make sure your in it for the long haul if you decide to get one of your own. They can live up to 20 years.

If you have any questions just ask. They are cool pets to have. Everybody that visits my home seems to really get a kick out of the big blue monster in my aquarium!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I wanted to get one for my orchid terrarium, which has a running stream with water about 8 inches high. Will they eat the orchids?

    • Aquatic Guru profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Pratt 

      8 years ago from United States


      Your Electric Blue would do a lot better if he had some caves to hide in after he molts. It takes a while for the new exoskeleton to harden and he needs to protect himself during this time. Add some hideouts for him in your tank so that the other fish can't see him.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      so i have and electric blue for about 2 weeks now and he just molted tonight about 30 min ago. this morning i did a 30% water change. would that cause him to molt faster. i did not expect him to shed his shell that fast after buying him. all of last week his behavior was to isolate himself from my african cichlids. H e does well with them they do not fight. he was with them in the petco tank when i got him. i have gotten many mixed reviews but one thing was clear that my cichlids would eat him when he motls. i have taken him out of the tank and put him in a bucket. used tank water. put in shelter and gravel with his shed shell. im so worried he wont survive please help

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      We loved ours. Very entertaining, but beware just a few days ago ours decided to escape the tank! We still haven't found him and of course my daughter is very sad (since he was in her tank) but we will be getting another one soon. We'll be putting this one in a different tank with a sturdier lid this time!

    • Aquatic Guru profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Pratt 

      9 years ago from United States

      Hello Taylor Bosen,

      Are you doing 10% water changes every week? Keeping your filters clean? You may want to check the ph of your water. Crays can tolerate a wide range of ph but it should be consistent and not fluctuating..One last thing to consider is diet. Crayfish need some meat in their diet. I use earthworm flakes and veggie flakes for a rounded diet. Best of luck with your cray!

    • profile image

      Taylor Bosen 

      9 years ago

      I have had my lobster for a about a month and a half and she has not turned blue yet. Her underside is a very white with just a hint of blue and her claws have a little blue also. She just molted a week ago we let her eat her molted skin but that did not seem to help. is there anything else we can do to make her blue?

    • Aquatic Guru profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Pratt 

      10 years ago from United States

      Hi Lynn,

      If it is an Electric Blue Cray you have it sounds as if it is doing very good. They are active after a molt.Certain times of the year they are more active than other times . Ours will sometime stay hidden for weeks at a time and only come out at night. As far as specific care that's a difficult one. They are generally easy to care for. P.H from 6.5 up to 8.5. They tend to do better in moderately hard water.Temp between 68 and 78deg. The key really is stability. Things that put stress on a cray would be rapidly and constant changes in P.H and Temperature. Just keep the water parameters that you have now steady and he will probably live a very long time. They can get up to about 8 inches long on average. I do know of one that is almost 10 inches long and he is about 12 years old. Just do regular partial water changes at 10% a week or 20% biweekly, feed him a variety of foods without overfeeding. keep a stable temp and PH and he should do fine. Best wishes! If you need more info check out my site at lots of links and info on water chemistry.

    • Lynn Shelledy profile image

      Lynn Shelledy 

      10 years ago

      We have what we believe is an electric blue, it has molted three times in the 4 months we have had it and seems to grow before our eyes. It is an entertaining animal and we all enjoy watching it. We are trying to find out how big it will eventually get and if we are providing proper care - guessing we are on the right track since it is growing and very active. Anything you can tell me would be appreciated, seems like all I can find are platitudes and one seems to really know anything.

    • Aquatic Guru profile imageAUTHOR

      Don Pratt 

      10 years ago from United States

      Thanks Julie,

      Kronos is a little aggressive when it comes to his food. He usually chases away anything that tries to eat it. Maybe you could distract your lobsters tank mates with some floating food and drop a pellet or two down to your lobster. Good luck with your Electric Blue!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Hi There,

      Yeah I have an electric blue lobster to and he's really cool. They definitely love caves, somewhere dark.

      I have a couple of red eye tetra's and a molly and 2 swordtail fish in with my lobster, he's been fine with them. I have a 30 gallon tank. I like your pics of your lobster. I don't have a name for mine. I have a neighbour and my boyfriend and my friend really like my lobster to! they think he's really cool!

      The only problem I have is sometimes when I feed my lobster, my other fish seem to get his food. any suggestions?


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