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Emery Cat: Your Cat's New Favorite Scratcher

Updated on May 18, 2016
The best cat scratcher that all your cats will love and use.
The best cat scratcher that all your cats will love and use. | Source

Cats are wonderful pets. Smart, funny, playful, and sometimes sneaky. While there are many great things about these animals, their claws don't usually fall on the list.

Cats naturally have very sharp claws that they use to scratch and mark. These claws can be very useful for them if they have to defend themselves.

However, when they get too long, cats will want to scratch them down to size. If you don't have the right places in your house, the back of your sofa, leg of your table, or door frame may end up being their favorite spot to scratch.

I have all indoor cats and none of them are declawed. This makes it a must that I keep suitable scratching toys out for them to use.

I have tried all kinds of scratching posts: the kind that stand on their own, ones you hang on the door, and even the cardboard ones that you can replace.

While each of my cats liked one or the other, I couldn't find a consensus on scratching pads until I tried the Emery cat. All of my cats adore this product and they don't have the urge to scratch on my furniture when it's around.

Easy To Use

The Emery Cat is easy to use. Just place the pad into the plastic frame and sprinkle some catnip (it comes with it) on top and watch your cat's go nuts.

Even with heavy use from 4 cats, it can last anywhere from 4 to 6 months.

The Emery Cat is different from other cardboard scratchers because it has a hard material on the surface, much like what you find on a nail file.

This makes it both last longer and helps to file down the sharp points on the claws.

Would It Be Better To Just Have Them Declawed?

While it may seem like it's the simplest answer to the problem of cat's scratching in places where they shouldn't, there are a lot of negatives associated with cats being declawed.

  1. It is major surgery and can have complications
  2. If a cat gets outside he or she has a harder time protecting themselves.
  3. They are more likely to develop arthritis and other complications.
  4. The surgery actually removes part of their toe and can cause stress on the wrong parts when they walk.

If you have a cat that is already declawed then make sure he or she has tags or, even better, a microchip in case they get outside and keep their yearly health checks to watch for signs of arthritis and joint problems.

Declawing is surgery and actually removes bones.  If you can avoid doing this to your cat, please do.
Declawing is surgery and actually removes bones. If you can avoid doing this to your cat, please do. | Source

Why Do Cats Scratch?

According to the Cat Care Society, cats scratch for a variety of reasons.

  • Cats scratch to keep their claws healthy. Scratching helps to remove the outer layer of the claw.
  • They scratch to mark their territory and spread their scent.
  • They also scratch to communicate with other cats.

Scratching is a natural instinct and not one you can stop. So it is important to provide places for your cat to scratch to keep your furniture and sanity intact.

You May Need A Variety

If you have multiple cats, you may need to purchase several scratchers and place them in locations around the house.

Some cats prefer different kinds of scratchers.

All of my cats enjoy the Emery cat but if your cat does not like the scratchers that are horizontal, try a vertical cat scratcher.

There are ones that hang on the door or you can get ones made out of sisal rope and carpet. I've even known some people that are handy make their own scratchers.

One of the keys to getting the cats to use the scratchers is to put some kind of attractant such as cat nip on the scratcher. This makes it appealing and makes them want to use it. It can also cause the cat to relax and not fight as much with other cats.

Some cat scratchers are also a part of a cat house/ cat furniture climbing system. These work well to engage your cat and give them a place to hide, scratch, and play.

It's important to remember that cats have preferences and personalities, just like people. So if one kind didn't interest your cat, another one will.

Scratching is a natural part of a cat's behavior. Finding places for your cat to scratch that aren't your furniture will provide harmony and happiness for you and your cat.

Do you have a cat that likes to scratch?

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