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Entering the Fur-ry World

Updated on January 2, 2020
Myraflor Chavez profile image

I'm a lawyer by profession and a soon-to-be-furry-mom. The articles that I am about to share with you are based on my personal experience

Hey there fellow tiny paw lover

Much like expecting an actual hooman (which I haven't even tried, just spare me the simile), this very first article is giving me that cringe-worthy vibe. Not because of anything else, but because of the excitement that it brings.

Hey there baby ❤ *image from google

Husky, here we go!

Have you ever dream of getting your very own dog and you just can't contain your excitement over it? Well, that is actually me right now.

You see, I grew up in a household where dogs are considered part of the family. The only thing is that, I have never encountered or even cared for one that is different aside from an ASPIN or ASKAL as we refer to them before.

But with breed or not, I love them just the same. My fondness of dogs originated from my Dad. (Thanks Dad!) He is the one who has the most influence to me when it comes to caring for animals may it be dogs or cats. As I grew up, i started to grow fond of dogs rather than cats.

When I was introduced to other types or breeds of dogs during college days, that was the time that I am convinced that I wanted one especially the siberian huskies. When my eyes first laid on that breed, the very first one that I saw in Greenbelt, my heart was absolutely smitten. I tried convincing my parents to buy me one, but after hearing the cost of purchasing one, they just advised me to stick with our own pets.

Of course, I was torn but it was only after that rejection that I understand that getting one is not a just a walk in the park.

Fast forward to the present, I have a steady earning job and a place for my own, that is when my deep seated desire starts to resurface once again. I am now decided to get my very own husky! How cool is that?

Just a little heads up, I am that type of person who gets pumped up whenever I have something in mind that needs to be realized immediately. Since 2020 just entered, I wanted to tick off one of the things in my bucketlist, and I'm pretty sure, you already know what that is.

I started reading blogs, articles and the likes about getting your very own siberian husky. It is a good thing that I come across this blog, the Crescent Siberian. That is where I encounter the breeder from Cavite, named GoyMig Kennel.

I inquired about the huskies and luckily they have an available male that is 3 months old if I am not mistaken. As much as the offer is tempting, I tried to control myself since being a husky owner is not as easy as buying one and poof you live happily ever after. I understand that it entails a lot of preparation not just mentally but physically i.e. the living space, the food, the stuff needed. I have to account for all of that. So what I did is talked to the owner and ask for the next batch.

I am very happy that the owner understands and that the mommy husky is not treated badly like other breeders that I have heard of. So, in preparation, I will be arranging my apartment little by little. Buy the stuff needed so that everything is settled once the puppy arrives.

Well, so much for my first entry. I hope every dog lovers can relate to my excitement. Will keep you posted. Goodnight for now!


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