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Equestrians Wear Your Helmets

Updated on August 14, 2013
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Donna Campbell Smith is a published author, freelance writer, and photographer. She also specializes in horses.


Wear Your Helmet Every Time

Be Smart and Wear Your Safety Helmet

The American Medical Equestrian Association (AMEA) and the Safe Riders Foundation reports that sixty percent of deaths due to riding accidents are a result of head injury. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) has set the standard for the modern riding helmet. It is well documented that wearing an ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet saves lives and protects riders from brain damage in a fall from a horse. But sometimes its not until a loved one is left paralyzed, or loses their life, that we are really struck by the reality that horseback riding is a high risk activity. The risk can be minimized by the simple act of putting on a helmet every time we ride.

The US Pony Club reports their head injury rate has been reduced by 29% since they have made wearing helmets mandatory, and head injuries are fewer among jockeys than recreational riders since the American Jockey Club began requiring they wear safety-approved helmets. In Britain the hospital admission rate for riders dropped 46% after helmets became routine gear for English equestrians.

Most equestrian associations now have rules requiring safety helmets be worn. In Ontario, Canada it's the law that individuals under 18 years old must wear helmets while riding. Parents, trainers or instructors can be fined up to $5000 if a minor is found not complying with this law.

In the United States the horse industry is self-regulating the use of helmets. The USA Equestrian Federation requires that all junior competitors in hunter, jumper and hunt seat equitation must wear ASTM-SEI approved helmets while mounted anywhere on the show grounds. USEF added a rule in article 1713 for eventing, requiring protective headgear at all levels of competition. The rule states a hardhat must be worn when riding on the flat, and when jumping an ASTM/SEI approved helmet with harness secure and properly fitted must be worn.

4-H rules vary from state to state. In Kentucky all 4-Hers when at a 4-H event are required to wear ASTM-SEI approved helmets that are secure and properly fitted anytime they are riding or driving horses.

The United States Pony Club requires that approved helmets be worn at all times when mounted.


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    • amynichter profile image

      amynichter 6 years ago from Canton, Ohio

      Amen! I am a survivor of a horse-accident ... the one day I wasn't wearing my helmet (it was stolen the day before) is when my horse decided ditch me ... long story. I am constantly preaching the necessity of wearing riding helmets!

    • Anne Coyle profile image

      Anne Coyle 8 years ago from Bronxville, NY

      Thanks for emphasizing the importance of wearing riding helmets. Many riders don't realize the risk they are taking when mounting a horse without a well-fitting helmet. Since riding helmets today are lighter and more fashionable than ever, there's simply no excuse not to put one on!

    • profile image

      Caity Cassidy 9 years ago

      Wow i have learned my lesson that you better wear a helmet when you ride a horse. My horses tripped and I fell and was in the hospital with a comma for a month.

    • DonnaCSmith profile image

      Donna Campbell Smith 9 years ago from Central North Carolina

      Well, my services are perfect for people who can't ride! But, I think with the price of gas your commute would be pretty expensive;o) Thanks for dropping in! We are waiting to see your hubs!

    • profile image

      Ellie-kins 9 years ago

      If I only could ride a horse, I would definitely use your services in order to learn. Fun and interesting material, donnalee