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Excellent Small Whiny Tabby Cat Review

Updated on December 26, 2009

Perhaps you're in the market for a small tabby cat. This review could possibly assist you in the purchase and maintenance of small tabby cats, but probably won't. If you are interested in acquiring a small tabby kitty, you can do so from a shelter or from one of the many litters available this time of year.

This small whiny tabby cat has some measure of oriental blood in her. You might think this would make her exotic. Instead it makes her loud and screechy for no reason. Her howls when she desires food once rent (tore out, still beating,) the heart from an unsuspecting visitor, which fed both cats for several days. When not feasting on the flesh of the living, small tabby cat insists on only the best food, or alternatively, whatever you're having.

Though she is, in many respects, a perfectly intelligent cat, she insists on trying to fish in fish tanks which are rather large. This has ended in at least one case of bedraggled kitty syndrome, though it has not resulted in any dead fish as fish are pretty super at getting the hell out of the way of a small whiny tabby cat poking its paw in their water. At night time, when it is time for her to leave the house, small tabby cat may be found hiding under the couch and skulking from room to room in an effort not to be caught. This is because small tabby cat would like to run about the house, throwing herself against the walls all night and is terribly disappointed if denied this opportunity.

Small whiny tabby cat is not at all friendly. Whilst she approves greatly of the other animals in the house, a fat kitty and a tiny dog to be precise, she abhors all humans and will only tolerate the ones proven to feed her on a regular basis. All other humans are hissed at before she disappears behind an atom, as cats do. The humans who are tolerated will be treated to impromptu displays of screeching for no apparent reason. Any attempted displays of affection will invariably lead to the sort of crying one usually associates with terror detainees, and frantic struggling. The one bright spot on the horizon is that small tabby cat does not use her claws on humans. Her claws are pristine tools of death and must not be sullied by human flesh.

An excellent slaughterer of wildlife, small tabby cat will happily decimate anything small and fuzzy that comes near her. This tabby cat is also, like all cats, plotting your demise and once she has eaten your face off, she will prance on your grave.

Overall Rating 8/10


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    • profile image

      tactilicious 8 years ago

      a similar breed, small squeeky black cat, turned up here recently. Mom, 2 daughters, and one subgroup son, he's grey in colour. They sound just like yours, except they like humans, although several play very coy, trying to get humans to pet them, and then whisking off just far enough away that the silly human follows. This silliness must go on over and over until the human tires of such time-wasting antics. Then the coy small squeeky black cat comes back and becomes purring small squeeky black lap cat. She secretly loves humans it seems.

    • profile image

      mikk 8 years ago

      Don't believe it Jan its an evil ruse she's plotted to make you lower your guard.

    • profile image

      jan 8 years ago

      we have a small whiny tabby and she is the sweetest cutest and most loving little thing ever.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      I believe that all small whiny tabby cats are made in the same factory just north of Beijing. :D

    • William R. Wilson profile image

      William R. Wilson 8 years ago from Knoxville, TN

      Heh. I must have her sister in my house. Very similar in temperament.