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Extra Care For Pets During Winter

Updated on December 1, 2008

Funny Dog With Boots On

It is important to remember your pets during the winter months. They depend on you to care for them but especially during freezing temperatures. Just because they are an outside dog or cat does not mean that their bodies can handle the extreme cold that winter brings. If we are cold we can simply turn up the heat or grab a sweater. Obviously our pets are not able to do this and will require some extra attention from us.

Bring your pets inside when it gets too cold. If you do not want them in the house then put them in the garage or laundry room with a warm blanket. If they absolutely must be outside then you need to see that they have shelter that is insulated and that will protect them from icy winds. Make sure the shelter is big enough for your pet to go in and out of but also small enough so that your pets body heat can keep the shelter warm.

Since pets burn more calories keeping warm during the winter they need to be given extra food so they will be able to produce more body heat. Water is just as important. Since the water can sometimes freeze quickly in the cold weather it is important you check your pets water bowl several times throughout the day. Giving them warm water is a good idea and will not freeze as fast. Also be sure and remove any snow or ice from in between your pets toes and nails since this could lead to frostbite. My dog hates them and will not wear them but your pet may enjoy wearing some boots for when they go outside or wearing a snug fitting sweater. Most dogs do not mind wearing clothes. Im not sure about cats but you could give it a shot. And no it is not cruel to put clothes or boots on your pets. People do it becuase they love their animals!

We like to be warm and cozy during the winter and this is no different for your pets Giving them that extra care ensures your pets happiness and safety.


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    • DawgDad profile image

      DawgDad 9 years ago from Denver

      This was a great read with some real good tips in there. Thanks Ashley

    • Ashley Tyler profile image

      Ashley Tyler 9 years ago from Oklahoma

      Thanks for your comments! Robin you also should try and remember that if you take your pets for a walk in winter and they walk over any salt or stuff for icy roads, you need to wipe it off because it can burn the pads on their feet or make them sick.

      Goldentoad, I can see your point, but the dog is a female (Im assuming) :)

    • Robin Marie profile image

      Robin 9 years ago from USA

      Excellent advice. I didn't know that pets burn more calories keeping warm and require more food in winter to compensate.

    • goldentoad profile image

      goldentoad 9 years ago from Free and running....

      good tips, I would also recommend couples communicate what clothes the animal should wear, one guy I know, I won't say who, was forced to take his yorky for a walk, and the yorky was wearing a pink outfit, needless to say the guy, was mighty embarrased when his neighbors(who are Raiders fans) spotted him and the dog. They then went on to enjoy a huge laugh at his expense. The guy went home and refused to ever walk the dog again.