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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Dog Collar

Updated on April 26, 2016
Your pup is not only cute but your loyal friend who needs a best treatment on your behalf
Your pup is not only cute but your loyal friend who needs a best treatment on your behalf

Dog's are known as the man's best friend, and that is the reason we love to have them as our pets. Just because we love our dogs, we need to give them something that is certainly the best.

Dog collars are essential accessories that every master needs to buy for his dear pet. High-end dog collars are one of the hottest selling dog accessories of the present times. A dog collar is not only necessary for identification or training purposes, but it has an equal value when it comes to style these fantastic creatures.

As a huge variety of collars can be easily found on the market these days, choosing a suitable collar for your canine may become a challenging job. After all, you need something that is comfortable yet smart and stylish. Not to mention, the quality of the product should also be up to the mark, for your puppy needs the best treatment on your behalf.

There are several kinds of dog collars. These accessories may range from Bling collars, spiked collars, sports collars, metal prong, chain slip, harness, halter-type, martingale, everyday collars to several other styles.

What are the things to consider before buying a right dog collar for your canine?

There are several factors to consider before buying any of these collars from the market. Some of the important factors to consider to find a right dog collar for your dog are:

  • Size of the dog – It is critical to consider the size of your dog. You should buy a collar after taking the neck measurements of your dog. The collar band must have flexible ends and should be adjustable and must fit well around the neck.

  • Fit – The fit should be good enough and must not be very tight or loose. Your canine must feel comfortable after wearing it.

  • Color – Though everybody has their personal color preferences when it comes to buying a dog collar, still considering different colors for male and female dogs makes a lot of sense. While, black, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, chocolate and white are the perfect collar options for the male canine, red, purple, violet and different color variants in pink are the perfect pick for a female one. In fact, it is a great way to distinguish among a male and female dog.

  • Design – When it comes to design, fancy and vibrant designs make a perfect choice for young pups, and bold designs will prove to be a perfect accessory for a rough and tough dog.

  • Durability – Buy a collar made of durable material for long-lasting results. Considering a cheap material will not last longer and will get damaged in no time.

  • Research – There are several online and offline sellers who deal with the selling of dog collars. Look for some expert opinion to inquire about the brand of collar you are considering for your dog. Also, look for the consumer reviews for the product to make your decision easier.

  • Budget – Of course, you cannot overlook your budget and need to buy something within your expectations. Buy something that is not only an economical deal for you to make, but also, fulfills your quality requirements.

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You may purchase a collar from the retailers who not only offer dog collars but offer the complete kit that includes the leash also. In fact, buying a kit is always a viable option. Also, the entire set is designed to mingle well with each other. Apparently, if you purchase a collar that is soft and buy a leash that is rigid, the chances of the collar to get damaged are high and fails the durability factor. You can always expect a same level of quality when you buy both the products from the same manufacturer.

Nowadays, people love giving a try to fancy dog accessories. For example – If you are looking for a Bling collar with dog name, you may seek for the manufacturers who offer the services for customization. The idea of getting a leather personalized rhinestone bling dog name collar for your pet can be an all-round choice.

Whatever you are looking for, you will surely be able to find a sturdy collar for your dog. Just a little research and you will be surprised to discover that these manufacturers provide you with an opportunity to make a choice among the huge variety of leads and collars.


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