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Feeding your dog

Updated on May 1, 2010

Feeding Your Dog

Proper feeding is unquestionably the most important single factor in raising a healthy dog. Improper feeding is the direct cause of many diseases.

   There are many ways feeding dogs as there are dogs. What a dog eats is primarily what he has been trained to eat. You can even train a dog to like foods which are actually bad for him,and sometimes spoiled dogs require considerable fasting to train them to eat what is good for them. In the respect,they are not unlike children.

    Many leading canine nutritional experts recommend the exclusive feeding of meal type dog foods,of which there are numerous well tried and tested brands available. Their ingredients include meat,organs,bones,and often fish,with simply water removed. These meals are dependable,nutritious,and complete,but dogs not raised on them from puppyhood often have to be trained to eat them.

    Canned dog foods of many brands are also complete and are better relished but not necessarily more nutritious. Some kibbles and dog biscuits are incomplete diets composed mostly of of baked starch. Although dogs like them better than some other foods,they must be supplemented with with meat and vegetables and some with vitamin and mineral concentrates in order to provide rations.

    If you feed raw or cooked meat,it is well to feed very little fat with it; but if the diet contains plenty of starchy ingredients,you may add as much as 20 per cent fat.

 DIETS FOR PUPPIES. Puppies are usually weaned when they are around six weeks old. When three to four weeks of age,they may, in addition to their mother's milk,get cow's milk with egg yolk beaten up in it. When they're six week to two months old,at which time two feedings a day will suffice. After maturity, one feeding a day is enough.

    Use your own judgment in the amounts you feed your mature dog, and not the dog's judgment. He will eat you out of house and ice box if you let him. Watch his weight and figure;if he gains too much,cut down on his food. If he becomes finicky,he is either sick or overfed.

FEEDING FALLACIES. The following mistaken notions are held by thousands of persons who should be better informed; Dogs must have raw lean meat. Dogs cannot digest starch or sugar. Dogs must not have fat. Milk and candy cause worms. Garlic eliminates worms. Dogs should not gulp their food. Dogs must chew hard foods such as bones to keep their teeth sound. Different breeds of dogs require different foods.

    These and many other fallacies have no truth in them. Dogs thrive on cooked or dried meat as well as raw. Dogs digest starch,provided it is cooked,and sugar as well as we do. Some hard-working dogs can digest rations containing as much as 50 per cent fat. Worms are caused by worm eggs,and neither milk nor candy contains worm eggs. Garlic has little,if any, worm killing  power. Dogs gulp their  food naturally. The digestive apparatus take care of it. Chewing hard foods such as bones does help in removing tartar from the teeth. Different breeds do not require different foods;toy breeds eat exactly the same kind of food as Great Danes.

YOUR DOG NEED VITAMINS. No matter how carefully or conscientiously you feed your dog,it is still possible for him not to have the right vitamin balance in his meals. Like humans,dogs can eat their fill and still be vitamin-starved. And lack of the proper vitamin balance in the diet can lead to serious diet deficiency diseases.

      You can make sure you are supplying your dog with important vitamins.It will help keep older dogs in tip-top shape and also help prevent the serious  diet deficiency disease Black Tongue and aid in its treatment. And they help increase your dog's resistance to colds and other ailments that may lead to serious trouble.


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