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Signs and Symptoms of Feline Urinary Obstruction-A Serious Disorder

Updated on April 29, 2011

Signs and Symptoms of Feline Urinary Obstruction-A Serious Disorder

Feline Urinary Obstruction is an acute condition that is caused by an obstruction of the urinary tract. Usually the obstruction occurs from a buildup of crystals that are smaller than a grain of sand. The cause of this is unknown but some Veterinarians suspect that a diet that is high in mineral content could be the cause. Viruses and stress are also believed to be causes of this dangerous condition. Long-haired males are more susceptible to this problem than other cats.

The signs and symptoms of this condition are usually quite obvious. The cat becomes restless and begins squatting to urinate in strange places that they normally would not choose. They will continue this behavior of trying to urinate often without success. They will also lick that area often. This behavior is similar to when a person has a bladder infection and feels the urge to urinate constantly without being able to except that with a cat this condition if not treated immediately will cause the cat to become very ill and death could occur. If you feel under the cat's stomach towards the back area and notice a large hard area than chances are that with these symptoms the cat will need immediate professional attention.

Feline Urinary Obstruction can Mimic Other Disorders

Feline Urinary Obstruction can mimic other disorders. Sometimes cats get urinary tract infections or bladder obstructions. Also cancer can cause these symptoms. Whatever the problem is, if noticing the cat cannot urinate or the urine is just trickling out, the cat needs medical attention.

If this condition is caught in time the veterinarian will usually have to catheterize the cat to empty the bladder and remove the blockage if the bladder is too full. If it is noticed early enough sometimes the veterinarian will put the cat on a special diet that actually dissolves the crystals. After treatment the cat will usually be put on a special diet for this condition. Cats that have experienced this condition once are more likely to experience it again. They should be watched closely for any signs of this condition returning and always have the food on hand that will dissolve the crystals. That way when you first notice the cat acting like it is having a hard time urinating you can start the food immediately. This food is only for dissolving these crystals and does not have enough nutrients in it for normal feeding. Once the cat is urinating properly again discontinue the special formula food and put the cat on a dry food that is for urinary health. Some veterinarians believe that certain canned cat food is the reason for this disorder.

Talking to your Veterinarian

Take the measures nessacery to protect your feline. Get a checkup at your veterinary clinic or veterinary hospital if you feel that your cat has anything wrong. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your pet.

Make sure you tell your veterinarian all of the symptoms your cat is displaying. Do not leave anything out. It is important to communicate with your pet’s veterinarian about all of your animals symptoms. Never wait to get your pet medical attention.

Consider switching the brand and type of food after your feline has been seen by an animal clinic. You may also want to speak about this switch with your veterinarian.

Sometimes your animal’s clinic can recommend a brand of food that is healthy for your pet.

The food you give your pet doesn’t have to be one in the clinic. If you choose not to use that food, just ask them what brands work best for your cat.

Switching your cats food can have a very good impact on his/her overall health. Your cat’s food may prevent certain illnesses, and contribute to his/her over all happiness.

Don’t feel bad if your cat has Feline Urinary Obstruction

Feline urinary obstruction can happen to any feline. It is not your fault. Often times the cats owner will blame themselves for this happening.

Just be glad you caught it on time, and you are on your way to doing the best you possibly can to help your animal. Your cat will be happy you did what it took to help him/her.


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