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Feliway For Cats - Please Help Me Stop Fluffy From Being Bad

Updated on November 22, 2009

Some Pet Products Make My Squeamish

I write about a lot of pet products, but most of my writings are for the dogs. Well, Fluffy, this is where you get your equal rights! Today we will talk about Feliway, a product for cats that ... um ... helps reduce stress. Now, I know what you're thinking ... that's what we have catnip for, right? Well, there are certain unwanted behaviors that take a little more care than sending your cat off to boing-boing land. That's why they created Feliway.

So, what exactly is Feliway? Well, it's a product that imitates the facial pheromones of a cat. You see, when a cat rubs its face against an object (including you) it's marking that object as safe and familiar. Now, this is all fine and good and makes us believe we are loved even more by our feline pals, but the fact is that much of it is about feeling safe. Bummer, eh? Don;t worry. Your cat still loves you. Remember that dead mouse he or she dropped by your bedroom door the other day? A meal served by Fluffy ... a la carte. Ewww!!! But enough of that! I have much better info to share!

Behavioral Modification Using Pheromones

That's a mouthful, eh? What exactly does it mean? It means controlling an animals behaviors with a scent. And just what kind of behaviors are we trying to control? You're going to smack yourself in the head for asking. Remember ... it was your own curiosity that led you to this wonderful discovery!

  • vertical scratching of objects
  • loss of appetite
  • a reduced desire to interact
  • and ... put down that sandwich ... urine marking ... that's right ... urine marking
Aren't you glad you asked?

Did I Get A Bad Cat?

Not at all! The problem is, Fluffy got a bad household. You see, for some reason Fluffy doesn't feel comfortable with his or her surroundings and is incredibly stressed out. As there are no good cat shrinks readily available, he or she relieves his or her frustrations out on the one thing that is stressing him or her out ... your house.

Now I know what your thinking. Fluffy! That's nasty!

Yes, it is, but understand that your cat isn't doing this to upset you, your cat is doing this because he or she is upset. And as taking Fluffy to a day spa for a massage you need to come up with another solution - that's why they created Feliway.

So, How Does It Work?

You simply spray the Feliway on whatever object appears to be garnering Fluffy's unwanted attention and this typically discontinues the behavior. Don't spray it on Fluffy, of course. As no dignified cat would ever urinate on itself, it would be a waste of the spray.

Feliway is sold as a spray that can be applied to walls, doors, and furniture and typically does no harm to these objects. You can also purchase a diffuser that sprays a large area, for those times when Fluffy wants to keep you guessing on where he or she will strike next.

Treatment continues daily for about 30 days, which is typically enough time for Fluffy to get over his or her stress and lead a normal life again.

Is Fluffy Puinishing Me?

Marking territory isn't a behavior meant to punish humans, although anyone who has experienced it in their household might beg to differ. Territorial marking is a sign that your cat is leading a stressed life and needs your love, your care, and a little chemical guidance to feel safe again.

Remember, the love of a pet is unconditional, so long as you care for it properly and maintain its health. As such, its worthwhile to address the problem, rather than give Fluffy and cause yet more stress in his or her life.

Remember, cats might seem independent, but they need love just as much as dogs do. So the next time Fluffy cuddles up on your lap, rub gently behind the ears (they typically like this) to let them know you love and appreciate the endless affection they provide.

May your pets stay healthy and live long!

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