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What makes a cat slap happy?

Updated on August 8, 2017
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Fierce the Fierceless

It isn't anything you can do, it is either in a cat, or it isn't. It is instinctual, some cats are slappers, honing their defense mechanism, slapping until it is second nature.

From the time my son found her on the street and brought her home, she became our beloved cat. She is black and rust colored with a tip of beige on her tail, and I named her Fierce.

She loved high places, jumping up on top of mattresses and looking down at everyone in the house. She wouldn't let you hold her though, I remember I would try to put her on my lap to stroke her, and she would only stay about 2 or 3 seconds and she would jump down.

Then I noticed one day that she would take swipes at Max, especially when they would eat, she would slap at him so she could eat first.

Then I noticed before I got her fixed, that one time Max and Fierce were having sexual relations, and when they finished she turned around and slapped him twice in the face, as if to say, "I told you not to be so rough".

The most grievous thing she does is continually slapping Sheba, our Golden Retriever who just turned 2 on January 6.

This kind of behavior puzzles me, because sometimes she will go up to Sheba and kiss noses with her, so I don't think she hates Sheba. She is getting away with this kind of behavior, although I have told my hubby that when we catch her acting this way we need to reprimand her.

Max and Fierce

We already had Max, who was 2 at the time when Fierce joined the family. I named her that because when Justin brought her home, she looked to be about 4 months old, she was small but I sensed she was older than she looked. She stood up to everyone, especially Max my white and orange big cat. She showed no fear whatsoever.

Fierce is in control

Max is now 6 years old, Fierce about 5 years and she seems to have settled into this slap mode where she slaps at Sheba, my Golden Retriever every chance she gets.

When Sheba is taken out the back door, it doesn't matter where Fierce is, she will run and jump up on the chair in the kitchen, wait for Sheba to go down the stairs and slap her as she goes down them.

My hubby feeds the cats and Sheba in the kitchen in the morning. He puts the cats dish down, and a few feet away he puts Sheba's dish. Usually they all wait for their food and eat it with no incidents happening. But once in awhile Fierce will walk by her, and slap her with both paws then continue on her merry way.

Sheba and her pups


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