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Best Dog Beds-Designer Beds-Orthopedic Beds and More!

Updated on August 30, 2015

Now that my kids are grown and on their own, my dogs are now the focus of my attention. Talk about spoiled.

I was advised to look online when I was shopping for dog beds.

My budget is steering me away from the luxury, designer dog beds. The elevated beds seem so practical and sturdy that I’d like to see if my dogs would use it. Lexus, my 12 year old, is a bit on the chunky side (and has bad knees) so sturdy is better for her. If anyone has used one of these already, please leave a comment - let me know your thoughts - if your dog liked it. Did it hold up.

Update - 6/16/13 - I did order one of the outdoor elevated dog beds but neither of the dogs would use it. I wasn't surprised about Lexus since she's never liked sleeping on a bed but I thought the new dog would. Nope.

At the shelter where I volunteer we received a generous donation of these dog beds and most of the dogs like them. Some tear them apart but that's to be expected.

Although I'd never buy one of the designer beds for one of my dogs, I love the styles. The sleigh beds, the fake fur, the fancy designs and pillows.

Two Dogs Arguing About a Nice New Bed

Raised Dog Beds

Elevated dog beds are a great way to get your dog off the cold ground in the winter and keep dogs cooler in the summer.

These dog beds are usually made with a knitted fabric that is comfortable for the dog but also helps prevent fading, mildew, mold and insect problems. The material allows for a nice breeze to pass through the material.

They are usually constructed using some type of breathable material. These beds are easier to keep clean and don't encourage bacteria the way the regular mattress dog beds do. You can just add a blanket in the colder temperatures.

In the winter, an elevated bed will keep your dog from feeling the deep down cold from the ground or floor. You can just add a blanket to the top when the temperatures dips.

Another attractive point to raised beds is their price. These are typically more reasonable than the plush, cushion style dog beds. These are also a good selection for dogs that are prone to destroying furniture - including their bed.

There are replacement parts so even if your dog tends to destroy parts over time, you may be able to fix the bed without investing in a whole new setup.

I was hoping my old girl would like it but she never even ventured a foot on the surface. Just to get her old bones off the hard tile. She likes the cool of the tile floor.

We adopted a second dog a couple months ago and he also refuses to try the bed. I tried selling it on CraigsList - but no takers so now I'm taking it to the shelter to donate. Lots of dogs seem to like them.

Advantages of the Raised Dog Beds Design

1. Orthopedic benefits to your dog by keeping them off the ground.

2. Strong construction. Some companies advertise their raised beds as being chew proof.

3. Lightweight.

4. Nice selection of attractive designs and fabrics.

5. For indoor and outdoor use.

Elevated Dog Bed

Designer Dog Beds

When it comes to designer dog beds – there’s no limits! The colors, fabrics and designs are endless. With even whole bedroom sets being sold for dogs. Beautiful beds that would dress up anyone’s home.

They're all so plush, I'm sure they're comfortable for the dog. Can we say "SPOILED?"

Luxury Designer Beds

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Most orthopedic dog beds are designed to cushion joints and bones. Even though your mind instantly goes to senior dogs as needing these beds, it really doesn’t matter what age the dog is at. It’s comfortable for all dogs and if you buy a quality memory foam mattress, it may just last the life of the pet.

Orthopedic mattresses and beds are a must for dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, and joint related ailments. Vets even recommend orthopedic mattresses for younger dogs that are of a breed prone to hip dysplasia.

You don’t need to wait until the dog is showing signs of joint issues. I don’t see any reason not to start right off with a quality, orthopedic bed for your young, growing dog. An orthopedic dog bed gives your pet’s skeletal system the best support possible.

For dogs that are recovering from any type of surgery, these mattresses will help make them more comfortable while convalescing.

Look for a dog mattress that mentions even pressure distribution. Also, if you’re buying a memory foam mattress, you want to verify that the materials are made in the USA. There are a lot of cheaply made knock offs that will not continue to keep up support as time passes. It’ll loose whatever support it had when it was new.

Look for beds that come with machine washable covers. It makes it so much easier to keep clean.

Update: 6/16/2013 - I tried a couple of different beds for my dog, Samson. Finally he seems very happy with a memory foam mattress I found on sale. It's larger than he needs but when he's sunk down in the middle he looks so comfy that I don't regret getting this extra large dog bed. He loves it and I never catch him chewing on it as he did his other beds. The memory foam mattress seems very comfy.

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Using Heated Dog Beds

Keeping your dog warm is up to you. If your dog is an outside animal, make sure he has adequate heat and protection from the elements.

One of the steps you can do is to heat the dog house as well as putting a heated dog bed in the outdoors.

It's also a handy idea for dogs that like the warmth during the chilly season. I've owned dogs that go out of their way to lay near a heat vent while others prefer the cold tile no matter what the season.

A heated dog bed is also a great idea for older dogs that have the same problems with arthritis as their human counterparts. The heat is great for their joints especially with damp and chilly temperatures. Since you can't apply a heating pad, a heated bed is a great substitute and will accomplish so much more than spot treating an area with heat.

Another suggestion is to raise the bed off the floor. Get it away from the cold ground. A raised bed will be easier to heat since it won't be fighting the chill coming up from the ground.

Heated Dog Bed

Dog Jammies

Of course, besides some beautiful dog beds, you have to buy some cute PJs for your dog. I found a few sites that carried an adorable variety of styles.


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