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Five Reasons You Should Own a Dog

Updated on October 12, 2016

The Obvious: the Cuteness Factor

Just look at that waggily tail! Those big brown loving eyes. That soft fur. Just think of that warm body snuggled up into your feet on a chilly October night. They're soft. They're warm, they're lovable. The way they get so excited to see you when you've been away, is enough to melt the hardest heart.

Yes, they require responsibility. You must remember to feed and water them, if you want them to live. Baths on occasion and walks when weather allows never hurt. But vet bills and pet-sitters are pretty far between and then benefits are beyond worth the setbacks.

"The one with the waggily tail..."

Improved Immunity

Research has shown that having a pet in the family helps get your immune system used to certain allergens and build up immunity to them. This means that you are less likely to have animal-caused asthma or allergies.

Stress Relief

Animals just have a way of making you melt inside. Whether its been a hard day, a hard week, or a hard month, they are there smiling when you walk in the door. Man's best friend truly is that with the happy wagging tail, bright eyes, and bright smile welcoming you home. Petting an animal can reduce your blood pressure and act to calm you down. There's just something about the fluffy fur and soft, warm doggy kisses.

Help Coping

Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or another psychological ailment, a furry friend can brighten your mood, help get you active, get your mind off of yourself and onto happier things. Dogs are nature's natural psychological help.


Need help adulting? A dog will force your hand at being the responsible adult you (or others) always knew you could be. A furry pal might help you get up earlier, get out for some fresh air and a walk, remind you to daily feed and water them, not to mention the cleaning up afterwards!

A dog is a great way to increase the amount of responsibility in your life and get you moving towards those other goals.


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    • GoldenRod LM profile image

      John R Wilsdon 14 months ago from Superior, Arizona USA

      I agree with your positives for owning a dog. Just got a little one. It will be great to share with grandchildren.