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Flatulantly Yours

Updated on June 25, 2013
Argus pretending he didn't "let one rip."
Argus pretending he didn't "let one rip."
Pitbulls, including my beautiful Nikke, are known in some circles as "tooters."
Pitbulls, including my beautiful Nikke, are known in some circles as "tooters."

I am sure you have noticed it - that quiet little puff or loud toot that manages to clear the room. The jokes about, “No one lighting a match.” Yes, that unbelievably powerful stench did come from that little bundle of fur. Can your dog simply sit down and in a minute or two everyone vanishes leaving your dog staring innocently around him or her?

Let’s face it. All dogs fart, toot, stink-up-the-place, pass wind, etc. Gas is simply a natural and very normal by-product of your dog’s digestive system.

What Causes Gas?

The cause of gas in your pampered canine can be from several sources. These include:

· Eating Style – Your dog may adopt the Hoover Vacuum approach to fine dining. He or she gulps down everything quickly. As a result, your dog also sucks in a lot of air

· Diet – That unpleasant smell can come from what Fido eats. The diet may be high in fibre or soy. He or she may have snacked on that most wonderful of foods – garbage or dead thing. Spoiled food or overeating can all result in gas

· Food Sensitivities – If your canine is sensitive to certain foods, he or she may be more apt to pass wind

· Digestive Disorders – These can also result in a little too much odour circulating

· Intestinal Parasites – Those nasty little worms and other creatures can cause gas to erupt

· Gastrointestinal Diseases – A variety of disorders affecting the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract can have gas as a by-product or symptom

The Problem With Gas

Gas is harmless in itself. If, however, it causes your dog’s stomach to rumble excessively or creates abdominal pain, you may want to talk to your vet. You may also want to see your canine’s vet is the farts seem to be excessive. Your Vet may be able to help discover the cause of the problem. If it is not intestinal parasites or a disease of the GI tract, he can probably help clear the air.

Treating The Problem Without Dawning Gas Masks

Some possible solutions to s/he-who-farts-too-much include

· Reduce food gulping. Try feeding your dog smaller and more frequent meals. Place the food in small bunches at the same time in different parts of the house. If you have more than one dog, make sure they eat far apart

· Change the food. You might want to try a highly digestible, low fibre diet

· Secure all garbage cans and remove any chance of spoiled food being eaten by you-know-who

· Do not exercise heavily after meals. Exercise lightly

· Consider giving your dog a digestive aid such as Acidophilus or, if your dog suffers from a digestive problem, look at digestive enzymes and probiotics


While the digestive system of all dogs is essentially created equal, some dogs happen to be “tooters.” They are wonderful dogs but, sometimes, oh the smell that wafts from their direction. If it is truly not serious, you just learn to live with it. But if it is truly overwhelming, rather than throw in the towel and take up the gas mask, talk to your vet. He or she may be able to help you take the stink out of owning your canine.


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