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Flea Control For Dogs

Updated on January 2, 2011

Advantage Flea Control For Dogs

Flea control for dogs and likewise for felines has long been a predicament for a lot of pet owners.

With a great number of products and solutions to choose from, it could be challenging to determine which products to use.

Here we will talk about flea control for dogs via one of the most popular flea control options out there today, Advantage.

Advantage Kills Fleas In Minutes

Advantage flea control for dogs will damage the muscles and nerves of the pesky flea within the short amount of time of minutes which will save your dog from a lot of if not all of the discomfort within minutes of application.

With Advantage flea control for dogs, you don't have to worry about re-infestation. Advantage flea control will lower the chances of re-infesting to a fraction of a percent, most people do not have to worry about it at all as long as they are keeping up with the flea control treatment schedule Advantage recommends.

Even in the case that you are living in a location where there is increased risk of re-infestation, Advantage treatment can provide you with the protection your dog needs.

Advantage will stop Fleas from biting within 3-5 minutes, then kills the re-infesting fleas in two hours and will lasts up to a whole month. Advantage flea control for dogs is a monthly topical flea treatment for dogs and puppies 7 weeks or older and also for all you cat owners or people who own both cats and dogs, Advantage is also for cats and kittens 8 weeks or older.

Advantage has proved to be an extremely effective flea control solution made by Bayer and is normally only sold through certified veterinarians. Now, it can be more expensive than over the counter brands, Advantage has proven with many pet owners to work so much effectively, bringing your dog or cat immediate relief and killing 98-100% of the fleas within 12 hours of application.

Any complete solution should attack and kill fleas from the time they are in egg stage until the time of adulthood.

Advantage kills fleas at all stages of their life. This way you can be sure that they will all be killed and prevented from further development.

What If Your Dog Gets Soaked?

So I know what you are thinking... what happens if your dog gets totally soaking wet for some reason? You know, in the rain or in a pool?

Well you will be happy to know that Advantage is specially formulated so even on the occasion your dog does get totally and completely soaked, the flea protection will continue to protect your dog for the same amount of time that it normally would. In this case about a month. Of course Advantage is not the only flea control for dogs product.

The active ingredients in Advantage dissolves into the natural oils of the skin and coat and is saturated into the skin, eventually becoming stored in sebaceous (oil) glands. Since the medication is essentially stored inside your dog, it is constantly being released through the hair follicles, therefor making it waterproof.

Flea Control For Dogs Is More Then Just Getting A Flea Treatment

So is it really that important? A couple of pesky bugs doesn't seem that bad. Maybe there is no need for flea control for dogs?

Well let's talk a little bit about that now, not taking into account the fact that your pup having fleas will make your dog itch like crazy all over, fleas are also known to be carriers of disease and could even cause tape worms to invade your pet.

Fleas love locations with a warm temperature, therefor, if your country or state has a warm environment at anytime of the year, it really is crucial for you the pet owner to know how to kill those pesky and dangerous fleas that will love to come live on your dog.

I want to get this in here while you are still reading! Before you just go out and purchase whatever flea control for dogs that you are going to try, or that you trust you need to realize that buying a flea treatment for your dog isn't always enough, especially if you have an infestation of fleas. If you truly want the fleas to go away you are going to have to do some major house cleaning at the same time. Washing all the pillows and fabrics, the carpets.

There are powders and spray that can be used in your home to kills fleas which can make the process slightly easier. At very, very least you will want to take special care of the places in your home your dog likes to hang out. If your dog has a dog bed, or loves to sleep on the couch, if he always sits in that corner of the living room while watching the kids play. Wherever it is.

Take special care so the fleas are not still around your home. Make sure you clear your home regularly, but especially during the summer months when the chances of your pets getting fleas increases significantly.

In short, flea control for dogs is a very important thing if you own a dog or even puppies.


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    • vickiturner profile image

      vickiturner 6 years ago

      Really informative article, Cam. I've never tried 'advantage' as I live in England and I don't think it's sold over here. I see it works similarly to Frontline -if I see a pack, I'll buy it!