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Fleas And Flea Control

Updated on October 25, 2014

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How To Control And Get Rid Of Fleas.

Adult Flea's live on the blood of mammals which includes you , your cat and your dog. If you've ever walked into a area with an infestation of fleas then you have probably been attacked by fleas and I guarantee you that you didn't like it.And you know how much of a pest that fleas can be to you and your pets but did you know the below facts about fleas.

Do you know these Flea Facts?

There are flea fossils which date back 100 million years so that means the flea has been around at least that long.

Some fleas can jump up to 150 times their length. That would be like you jumping 1000 feet. Can you even imagine.

A flea can set there in the carpet with out a blood meal for up to 100 days. The average flea can live up to 3 months.

Did you know that female fleas can not lay eggs until after their first blood meal and then they start to lay eggs 24-48 hours after that first blood meal. The female flea consumes up to 15 times her body weight in blood daily. The average female flea lays 2000 eggs in her lifetime.

Some fleas can jump straight up to a distance of 4 feet.

While adult fleas all feed on blood from live mammals their larvae feed on the organic derbis in the host animals environment.

If you see one flea there are probably 100 or more right near by.

While there are over 2000 species of fleas the cat flea is the flea that is found on most dogs and cats in the USA.

Warning About Flea Control And Cats

Be sure never to apply a flea control product to a cat or kitten unless it is specifically labeled to be used on cats. Flea control drops that you use on your dog can make a cat very sick and possibly even be toxic to the cat.

Natural Ways To Keep Your Pets Free Of Fleas

You can use a all natural pet shampoo that contains eucalyptus oil. Fleas can not tolerate eucalyptus oil. But be wary that fleas can jump off in your house and can quickly get out of control.

Use Ground Sea Salt On Your Carpets For Flea Control

You can sprinkle ground sea salt on your carpets and leave it overnight. Vacuum up the sea salt the next morning and you'll have far fewer flea problems.

Use Garlic And Brewers Yeast On Your Pets Food

Fleas can not stand either garlic or brewers yeast and once they taste or smell it they will leave your pet alone. You don't have to add but just a little bit to the pets food to keep the fleas away.

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I have a book currently at Amazon that I wrote on , How To Keep Fleas Out Of Your House And Off Your Pet.
I have a book currently at Amazon that I wrote on , How To Keep Fleas Out Of Your House And Off Your Pet. | Source

My Book On How To Control Fleas Naturally.

If you liked this Hub Page on ways to control fleas and keep them off your pets then you need to see my book at Amazon on " How To Control Fleas Naturally ". Everything you could ever want to know about controlling fleas naturally can be found in my book. I hope you will click through to my book and check it out.

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Natural Non Pesticide Methods Will Work To Control Fleas

You can use the all natural methods on this Hub Page to kill and control the fleas in your house or yard. Some methods will work better than others. You will have to be persistent and keep fighting the battle against the fleas until you win the war and get rid of all the fleas.

If you have a really bad infestation of fleas in your house or yard you may need to call in a professional exterminator to get rid of your fleas. At the same time you may want to take your pets in for a flea bath.

The best way to get rid of fleas is by prevention. If you never get them you won't have to get rid of them.
The best way to get rid of fleas is by prevention. If you never get them you won't have to get rid of them.

Natural Ways To Prevent Fleas From Establishing Themselves In Your Yard.

Buy a large jar of minced garlic and puree the garlic very smooth in your food processor. Pour the pureed garlic into two gallons of water and let it set for a week at room temperature. Do not put it where it will freeze. Pour the water into a sprayer after a week and treat your yard with this solution. You should do this in the springtime just after the danger of frost has passed. Fleas and ticks will be moving around and if you do it right at this time of the year you will prevent them from getting established in your yard.

If you've not already done so purchase Penny-royal plants or seeds and plant them around your yard. Let the Penny-royal get well established in your yard and garden and you will have far fewer problems with fleas, ticks, and spiders. They can not stand to be around Penny-royal.

Diatomaceous Earth Will Kill And Prevent Fleas

You can use Diatomaceous Earth to get rid of fleas in your yard. In case you're wondering Diatomaceous Earth is microscopic remains of fossilized algae, diatoms. You can also treat your house with the Diatomaceous Earth. You'll want to wear a face mask and disposable gloves when your working with this product. You don't have to vacuum it up out in the yard but you will want to in the house.

If you treat your house with the Diatomaceous Earth put it down all over the floors in your house in a thin layer. Remove your pets from the house while the product is on the floors. Leave your home if possible for 4 - 6 hours. Come back in and wear disposable gloves and a face mask when you vacuum up the Diatomaceous Earth. You can buy this product at your local hardware store or farm and garden center.

Rosemary Will Also Control And Kill Fleas

You can boil rosemary in water and then use this water to wash your dog with. Don't wash your cat with rosemary water as this can cause a bad reaction in felines. You can however sprinkle your cat and dogs bedding with rosemary. You can use dried Penny-royal the same way. Fleas and ticks can not stand either rosemary or penny-royal.

Herbal Flea Spray

You can make a great herbal flea spray with the below recipe.

1. One gallon white vinegar.

2. One half gallon water.

3. One pint of fresh lemon juice.

4. Eight ounces of witch hazel.

5. One pint dried rosemary.

Put all the ingredients in a large pot and boil for at least 20 minutes. Strain the solution through a cloth and put the liquid in a garden sprayer and spray your entire yard with this solution. This solution is all natural and it will kill and keep away fleas and ticks. Do this several times a year especially in the warm months and your yard will stay flea and tick free.

Great Ways To Control Fleas

1. Be sure to quarantine pets that are infested with fleas. It might be a real good ideal to take them to your vet or pet groomer and have them get a bath and a flea dip. If your treating your home for fleas remove the pet or pets from the home and treat the pet or pets before they return to the house.

2. You want to collect all pet bedding , blankets , and rugs and wash them in good warm soapy water. Soapy water kills fleas , flea eggs and flea larvae. Be careful not to spill eggs when your collecting the bedding.

3. Vacuum very good everywhere being sure that you vacuum anywhere that dust can collect. Don't miss the upholstered furniture.If your vacuum has a bag dispose of it at once as soon as you finish vacuuming for fleas.

4. If your pet spends time outdoors be sure to drench their resting place outside very well with soapy water made out of water and Dawns dish detergent. Do this so the solution can dry before your pet uses the spot again. You wouldn't want to lay down in a wet bed would you.

5. You can make homemade lemon spray by squeezing 6-8 lemons in a gallon of water. Spray this on your pets especially outdoor pets and it will help to keep fleas off them. Its also natural and safe for your pets. You can also safely spray your pets outdoor bedding with lemon water and it will keep away fleas.

6. If your house has a bad infestation of fleas you may have to remove all pets and people from the home and use flea foggers in the house. If you do be sure to cover all pet food or remove it from the area. Be sure you read all instructions carefully and follow them exactly. In really bad cases or if you don't want to use flea foggers you may want to call a professional exterminator to rid your home and yard of fleas.

7. Flea Collars are great for outdoor pets but be sure to watch them carefully for a few days after you put the flea collar on them for an allergic reaction. If you see any type of breaking out or other reaction remove the flea collar at once.

8. Keep your grass cut short and any bushes trimmed back. Flea larva need a place to hide and develop and they do not do well at all in direct sunlight.

9. Veterinarians are skeptical of home flea treatments like garlic, and vinegar but I can tell you that they do work. Put a tablespoon of vinegar in your dogs water and it will help to keep the dog free of fleas.

10. Always read the labels on any insecticide or flea control product you purchase. Be sure that you understand the instructions and what the product warnings are. All to often people fail to read the labels. I can not stress enough that you should read all labels carefully. Be sure that you know everything about any flea control product you use.

You should keep in mind that fleas thrive in heat and humidity. In the summer your dogs bedding should be washed in hot soapy water at least once a week. The water incidentally should be no hotter than you would use for bathing.

Its Time To Call A Professional Exterminator.

If your yard and grass seem to be full of fleas jumping up on you and biting you when you go outside its time to call in a professional exterminator to treat your yard. You may want to have them to treat your house at the same time. If you have to do this consider taking your pets to a local groomer or veterinarian for a bath while the exterminator is doing the flea treatment.

Notice The Flea Bites On The Persons Back In The Photo.

In the above photo you can see flea bites across the back of a person. Fleas can get in your bedding and carpet and it can be very hard to get rid of them.
In the above photo you can see flea bites across the back of a person. Fleas can get in your bedding and carpet and it can be very hard to get rid of them. | Source

Fleas Can Quickly Become A Problem In Your House Or In Your Yard.

You can use the information on this Hub Page to control and rid your house and yard of fleas. Its amazing how fast fleas can quickly establish themselves in a house. If you have pets like cats or dogs that go outside then this is probably how the fleas got inside your house. The methods on this page will work to get rid of the fleas in your house or yard but you have to be persistent and not give up. You may need to call in a professional exterminator if the problem is really bad.

Blown Up Photo Of A Flea

Here we have a blown up photo of a flea. Real fleas are smaller than the one in the photo.
Here we have a blown up photo of a flea. Real fleas are smaller than the one in the photo. | Source

How You Can Control And Kill Fleas With Boric Acid

Dogs and cats are great companions and bring their owners a lot of joy but unfortunately dogs and cats that go outside may bring fleas back into the house with them and this may get your house infected with fleas. Getting rid of those fleas can be hard to do but not if you know how to do it. Boric Acid is a great way to get rid of fleas. Boric acid is a simple organic chemical that will control and kill fleas.

How To Treat Your Floor With Boric Acid.

1. You will want a hand duster and you will want to start out by filling it with 4 cups of Boric Acid. When you have the hand duster filled with the Boric Acid shake it to add air to the Boric Acid Powder.

2. Squeeze or hand pump the Boric Acid Powder out to cover all areas of your floor including all floors including the hardwood, tile, or carpet. Be sure to get the powder everywhere including under beds, in corners, and behind appliances. Refill the hand duster if you need to.

3. Once you have covered the floor with the Boric Acid Powder leave it on the floor for 4 hours before you vacuum or sweep it all up. Its really best to vacuum it up if possible.

Treat Your Mattresses With A Boric Acid Solution.

Mix 1 cup of Boric Acid with 3 cups of hot water. Shake the spray bottle you mix it in very well to make sure you dissolve the Boric Acid. Spray every mattress in your house with the solution to get the mattresses damp but not wet. Let it stay on the mattresses until it dries. Then vacuum it off. Prepare the mattresses before you spray them with the solution by removing and washing all sheets, blankets, pillow cases etc. Wash them in hot water and dry them while the solution on the mattresses is drying.

Wash Your Cat Or Dog With A Boric Acid Solution.

You should mix 2 cups of Boric Acid with 6 cups of warm water in a spray bottle and shake to mix and dissolve the Boric Acid into the water. Spray the pet until the pet is wet. Wear disposable gloves while doing this and rub the solution into your pets fur. Its best to do this outside if possible. Cats are not going to like this so use caution while doing this.

Use a comb to comb your cat or dogs fur after the solution has dried to remove the fleas. By doing this outside you will keep any live fleas from jumping off in your house and infesting your house with fleas.


Be sure to wear plastic disposable gloves and a face mask when your working with Boric Acid.

How To Control Fleas And Ticks In Your Yard.

You will need to start by keeping your yard very clean. Keep the grass cut short and the weeds and bushes to a minimum in your yard. You should keep the leaves and debris raked up and out of your yard.

Bag and remove any leaves or debris from your yard and haul it away. Don't leave a place for the fleas and ticks to hide.

You can spray your yard and outdoor areas with a commercial flea and tick spray. Here again read the labels. Do you need to wear gloves and a mask when your doing the spraying. Is it safe for your pets. How about puppies. People don't always read the warning labels but they should. I learn stuff all the time about products I use by reading the labels.

Plant penny-royal plants around your yard and garden. Penny-royal will keep away fleas, ticks, and spiders. Penny-royal is a member of the mint family and fleas, ticks, and spiders do not like it and will do everything possible to stay away from it.

My Dog Has Cat Fleas

Fleas are usually brought into your home by your pet or a visitor's pet. If you find one flea there is probably 100 more for everyone you find somewhere in your pets environment. Fleas can jump 150 - 200 times their body length and one pair of fleas can produce 250,000 more fleas or up to a trillion in a year. They are like little vampires and like warm-blooded hosts. The most common flea is the "cat flea," which can be found on your dog.And is the most common flea.

Fleas And How To Control Them

It would be best to treat areas that fleas may frequent before you have a problem, because afterwards its hard to get rid of them. The flea cycle is as follows: the flea jumps on your pet and has a warm blood meal. If your pet is not available, you are next. Once they have fed, they will mate and lay eggs ( and they are not fussy where they lay them ).

It will take 2 - 3 weeks to hatch the hundreds of eggs, which release small caterpillar - like ( larvae ) creatures, which feed on almost any organic material they find. After it has fed, it spins a cocoon ( pupae stage ). When the flea is in the pupae stage it can not be killed in the cocoon. No chemical spray will penetrate the cocoon. When it hatches, you have more fleas. Treating your yard is one of the best methods of controlling a flea population. Professional help is usually needed if you have a bad infestation.

One of the most common reasons pets get fleas is that they have dry, flaky skin, which makes it easier for the fleas to get a foothold, and it is easier for them to obtain their meal of blood. If your animal gets a lot of exercise and regular baths they will have far fewer flea problems.

Sweet Smelling Flea Shampoo For Pets

1. One Cup Castile Soap which is a liquid.

2. 1/8 Ounce Of Essential Oil Of Pine.

3. 1/8 Ounce Of Essential Rose Oil.

Place the ingredients into a jar with a lid and shake well to mix it up. Add this mixture to your pet's bathwater and the fleas will be very unhappy.

Fleas Hate Sage

Fleas do not like the odor of sage. Crush up sage in a fine powder and rub it on your pet, allow it to set for 15 to 20 minutes before brushing it off or vacuuming the pet if the pet will allow this. I strongly suggest doing this outside so the fleas don't jump off in your house. Keep your pets bed and kennel sprinkled with powdered sage.

Powder Your Pet With A Problem

An excellent method of getting rid of fleas on pets is to powder the pet with pure pyrethrum powder. It is safe for pets and people and it works great. The animal should be powdered once or twice a week outdoors for best results. If you dust the bedding and carpet areas around the pets bed and then vacuum it will help to control the flea population. The pyrethrum powder should stay in place for at least an hour before you vacuum it up.

A Spot Of Tea Works Wonders With Fleas

A cup or two of cool peppermint tea added to your pets' bath water will also help eliminate fleas.

Herbs For Your Pet

There are 3 herbs that you can feed to your pet to help keep fleas off; they are fennel, rue and rosemary. Just mix a little in their food when you are feeding them.

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    • Hezekiah profile image


      4 years ago from Japan

      No good at all. Here in Japan you get a lot of mite and ticks. They will leave a different kind of mark. More like a double stab.

      Simple exposure to the sunlight kills them though. So Japanese will normally hang out their futons over the balcony.

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      Thomas Byers 

      4 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks John for your comment. It is appreciated.

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      4 years ago from Miami Florida

      CHG you have done another great Hub Page with a lot of really useful information. You should make this one into a book also. It's a lot of really wonderful information. I really did find a lot of useful and interesting information here. Thanks CHG.


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