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Friends of not a feather can flock together

Updated on October 6, 2012

Buffy and Anastasia friends forever

Animals can live in harmony

It's been a love affair from the time Anastasia was a baby. Buffy and my iggy have lived in harmony from the time Anastasia was an iglet. Animals are by far stupid and they can be taught to live in harmony, side by side, together. Here is living proof in my house, that my iguana and cat can lay on the bed together without the cat trying to eat her.

This picture was just taken today 10/6/12 of my cat Buffy and my iguana Anastasia. In my home I have predators and prey that live comfortably together in a loving home and they all have been taught that no one gets eaten because they all have food.

The three cats watch the hampter and mouse ride in their wheels without a thought of harming them because I have diligently taught them that they are not prey.

Of course I am no dummy that nature would not prevail so they are all in cages and the cat's roam freely. People think that animals are dumb but they can be taught to live in harmony with the very animals that they love to hunt.

Letting them mingle together has proved that time and time again. Anastasia loves buffy and finds comfort laying with her. Who wants to be in a cage all day. My cats have never tried to harm her and even give Anastasia kisses from time to time.

A little love goes a long way and I love each and every one of my pets. They are amusing and fun and by far any predator.

I'm sure in time that Anastasia could tail whip the likes of any of them if they ever tried to hurt her but I don't see her needing that dandy weapon that she was given. Animals are curious and just because they are not of the same breed, does not mean they can't live together.

A little fun just because.

Just getting close

A baby ig and a cat together forever
A baby ig and a cat together forever


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