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From the Parrot's Beak: August 13 Edition

Updated on August 12, 2017
Parrot decor in (where else?) a parrot store. - Photo by George Sommers
Parrot decor in (where else?) a parrot store. - Photo by George Sommers

- Return of the Prodigal Parrot: Breeze the blue & gold macaw has returned. As reported in late editions of last week's "From the parrot's beak", the bird had gone missing for a few days after a freeflight demonstration at the American Federation for Aviculture conference in Tucson, Arizona went somewhat awry. Details of the recovery have subsequently emerged. Tango returned as scheduled. A second macaw, MacGuyer's return landing was delayed by an hour. But Breeze decided a leisurely tour of the Arizona countryside was in order and went missing for a few days. Owner and demonstrator MaryAnne Baker put up several posters as well as social media postings. A visitor to Jacobs Park, 10 miles away from the La Paloma Westin hotel where the conference was held, spotted the exotic bird and was able to check the Internet for missing parrots. "Kevin contacted me with a sighting and stayed with her until I was able to get to her," says Baker. He was given a generous reward for his efforts. The macaw trio was reportedly scheduled to fly the following Sunday in a different part of the resort "away from the hawks" that may have spooked the wayward parrot in the original demo.. .

- Banned in (not quite) Boston but across the river in Cambridge, MA is the sale of commercially-bred birds; as well as dogs, cats, amphibians, reptiles, and rodents. The ordinance, passed last Monday, will only allow the sale of animals from shelters or rescue organizations in that city. Laura Hagen of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals tells The Boston Globe that Cambridge's law is "a landmark ordinance". Only two national chains currently sell animals in Cambridge. - From

- Bite Me: Burglar Vitalij Kiseliov broke into Peter and Trudy Rowing's home in Gillingham, Kent, UK in the dead of night, stealing a laptop phone, oxygen tanks and some lager. But when he went to nab Rocky the African grey, the bird had other ideas and gave him a savage bite. the burglar threw the bird out the window and left a trail of blood through the house. The couple's granddaughter was able to recover Rocky through a Facebook appeal, and the police matched the serial criminal's DNA to the blood found in the house. Kiseliov now faces jail time and deportation. - From

- Parrotrivia: On "Rowan & Martin's Laugh In", prior to a visit from Gladys Orphmby, Tyrone Horneye addresses his Amazon parrot, "Hi, Polly. Eat any good crackers lately?"

- Expecting the Unexpected: When Luna Angel bought some quail eggs home from the supermarket, she gave one to her budgie Pi-Chan "to see what would happen". Shortly thereafter, a baby quail hatched - surprising as most eggs purchased from the store are not fertilized. Now she has two pet birds to care for! - - From

- Buyer Beware: "Went to [a big box pet store] and thought I scored big when I saw a bag if food 50% off...normally I go to my regular bird place...but they were closed and I was in a bind. Opened it up and put my hand into a huge web of some was molding and had maggots on it. Now I know why it was so cheap. Never again will I get food from them for my birds. Threw the bag away and learned a lesson and my babies are OK. Too bad I can't get that image out of my head," writes a social media poster.

- No Tea for 'Too: Charlene Fugel has been feeding her pet cockatoo Kyara coffee for seven years.“She’s crazy about coffee” Fugel told ABC's Portland affiliate KATU. "And she’ll drink it anyway you give it to her. Cold, hot, she doesn’t care. Kyara can be seen enjoying her coffee with two pumps of mocha. Fugel said she didn’t teach Kyara to drink coffee and cleared it with her veterinarian to ensure that it was safe.Now she treats Kyara to coffee a couple times a month. However, the maximum Kyara gets is a tablespoon. (Editor's note: most authorities warn against feeding caffeine to birds.) -

- Can't We All Get Along?: The parrot community is far from a united bunch. Wing clipping, AFA vs. ESA, "animal rights", hybridization and many other hot button issues are widely debated. One of the highlighted speakers issued this plea: "After spending a week at the American Federation of Aviculture's conference with bird people from all walks of the avian community I have a challenge...for the next week I challenge fellow aviculturists (breeders, companion parrot owners, rescues, retailers, and conservationists) to only post positive things on FB. Let's try to keep all discussions open minded and positive. We need to keep the positive energy flowing! I tagged a few of you who were in Tucson but let's all share with the others in out avian community!" Good luck with that one, Robin!

- Jogging Shorts: Californian Kenneth Du's exercise workout includes putting his two macaws, Hope and Care, on leashes and jogging along after them as they fly.- From an ABC affiliate KXTV. report

- Flew up my Pant Leg and Wanted to Stay is how someone found a lost Quaker parrot in Seaford, NY. For info, contact

- Quote o' the Week: Those voices are in my head again. They're telling me, “Get another bird.”

- Fair Feather Friends: The wait to receive feathers from the US Fish & Wildlife Service is approximately 7 years. And it is illegal to pick up road killed birds. There is a great need for another source of feathers for use by American Indian feather craftsmen, specifically tail feathers from macaws, Alexandrine parakeets, conures, cockatoos and pheasants. - From

- Help!: Long Island Parrot Society seeks donations in order to build a parrot shelter on Long Island, New York.

- Contest: Like birds? Like to vote in fun contests? Great Companions wants your help in choosing the cover of their '20 calendar. Go to their website or Facebook page for more information.

- Quickie updates: It was a green wing macaw in the story about a noisy parrot the cops were called on (we weren't sure if it was a scarlet or greenwing.).-- There was a "p" missing in the link to the "Meet Jack Hanna Sweepstakes". The correct link is

- Hot Dates: 8/12,13: Siesta Sanctuary Open House. Play catch with a cockatoo! See singing and talking birds! 12-5. 104 Brown Rd., Harmony, ME. -- Want your parrot related speaker/fundraiser/special event featured here? Get noticed by hundreds of parrot fanciers weekly. Email

- Have an Issue Missing Issues?: Past "parrot's beak" articles and "Pet Gazette" feature stories by George Sommers can be found on the Facebook page, Pet Bird Owners. Join us today!

- A-Tha-That's All, Folks!: Copy beyond this point is from Hubpages and may not be directly related to this article.


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    • profile image

      Angela Cancilla Herschel 

      15 months ago

      Regarding, Kenneth Du's parrots jogging with him leashed with gloves..,and how I felt :( finally looking at the whole video!

      "The moment you share a video (everywhere!)

      without watching it though

      & then the

      OMG !? moment you do !"


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