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Best Books About Dogs

Updated on October 6, 2008

Dog Books

When you have a pet dog, you want to make sure to do all the research that you can. You want to make sure that your dog is happy and healthy and that you're doing everything that you can to help your dog.

It can be hard to choose a good book, even if it's just fur fun reading, much less picking out a book that will actually help you.

You want to make sure that when reading any dog book, you consider you dog's personality and strengths. You don't want to try a particular training method that may be a little rough, if your dog is naturally fearful.

Think of you're dog's best interests when reading any dog help guides. You don't want to set back any progress that you've made throughout your journey with your dog.

Books about Puppies

The puppy stage is probably the worse stage. Puppies are untrained, wild, hyper, and mischievous. Having a puppy book, on hand, is like having a 'new baby' book.

Puppies can get into tons of things that they shouldn't. It's best to find the proper ways to handling puppies.

My Smart Puppy: This book will help you raise a well- rounded puppy. You'll find step- by- step guides to training puppies and working out the kinks, so to speak. Learn housetraining techniques and puppy communication skills.

The Art of Raising a Puppy: Using the monk's philosophy to raising puppies, you will help the natural canine- human bond along. Follow a litter of puppies from birth to twelve weeks old.

Housetraining Tips

When it comes to housetraining a dog or puppy, it can be a challenge. Different dogs take to different techniques. Where crate training may be the most efficient for your dog, the "tag along" technique may be the best for mine. When housetraining a dog of any age, shape, or color, find what works best for your dog.

Everything You Need to Know About House Training: You'll find answers to just about every housetraining questions ever been asked. Find problem solving techniques with a twist of humor.

Positive Dog Training Books

Show your dog that the traditional punishment methods of dog training are not necessary. Show him that you and he can get along fabulously by using positive dog training. Using positive dog training, you'll effectively train your dog to increase his good behaviors and decrease the bad ones.

The Power of Positive Dog Training: This book, whichever edition, is an interesting read. You'll learn the basics of positive dog training, and how to care it out. Find out how to develop the best relationship with your dog without force.

Clicker Training Techniques

I find that clicker training is the most effective training technique. Dog's tend to catch on quickly and efficiently. You don't want to start off using a clicker if you don't have any prior knowledge about using a clicker. If you start off wrong, you may have problems getting your dog back on track.

Don't Shoot the Dog: Karen Pryor's book, is interesting, to say the least. She takes you through various examples and situations when using the clicker. You'll learn basics, and how to use positive training techniques on your dog and people.

Clicker Training for Dogs: Another Karen Pryor book that will show you the basics to successfully training your dog using a clicker.

Tips for Hyper Dogs

Hyper dogs can be a pain, face it, it's true. They're balls of energy and tend to get bored easily.

Hip Ideas for Hyper Dogs: This book takes you through an interesting look at dealing with hyper dogs. You learn fun techniques to dealing with the extra energy, and learn communication skills that will be essential to figuring out your hyper pooch.

Books About Dog Nutrition

With the latest dog food scare, it doesn't hurt to be too careful with your dog and what you feed him. Some people stick with the same old dog food, where some people change. Some people may prefer homemade, holistic dog foods, where some may prefer raw diets. It's up to you what you feed your dog, but there are different takes on dog nutrition.

Natural Nutrition: Find ways to improve your pets diet with raw and natural foods.

Better Food for Dogs: This book discusses a wide range of different topics and questions that you may have about your dog's diet and proper nutrition.

Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide: This health guide will help answer the question you have about putting your dog in a natural lifestyle. You'll find carried information from natural diets, training, and how to pick the right dog.

Raw Dog Food: There is a growing popularity of raw meat diets. Find out the logic behind it.

Dog Medicine

You should always have a veterinarian on call for your ever growing doggy needs. That means, when you're regular vet is closed for the evening, make sure to know the number and route to an emergency clinic.

And, to make sure that everything is safe, you may consider having a home medicine and dog care guide.

Dog Owner's Home Veterinarian Handbook: Find step- by- step instructions on how to deal with common dog ailments and health concerns.

Homeopathic Medicine: This is a practical guide to homeopathic medicines for dogs, and how to treat common health problems the homeopathic way.

The Veterinarian's Guide: One of the better home books to have on hand. You can find signs and symptoms for many different dog ailments and concerns. You'll find information about proper veterinary care, vaccinations, nutrition, grooming, and spaying/ neutering procedures.

Other Dog Books

I like to read dog books, especially those about dog psychology and behaviors, so I tend to have several dog books sitting on my bookshelf. I find that these books are the most interesting, as you get to look deep inside the root causes of some of the questionable doggy behaviors and the silly antics of your dogs.

Yes, there really is a reason as to why male dogs continue to pee one after the other and then again and again in the same spot.

Culture Clash: This is a very interesting read. You'll get to see dogs without their human- persona. You'll see dogs as dogs, and nothing more or less.

Dogs are From Neptune: Another thriller that will help you with understanding positive training methods and your dog's behaviors.

Cautious Canine: This book goes in- depth with understanding the aggressive dog. Find out why your dog acts like he does in certain situations. Find ways to divert the aggression.

Cesar Millan

Some people may not be a big fan of the "Dog Whisperer," but I find that he has great techniques and advice. Although, some of his advice is not the best advice for every dog, owner, or situation, I like what he says.

Cesar's Way: Find out what drives Cesar. Read about his techniques. Hear about some of his stories. But remember, what works for him, may not always work for you; it's a big part of delivery and response.

Be the Pack Leader: Find out how to be the pack leader in this dog pack society. Read Cesar's techniques. Find out what works for him, and decide if the same, or similar, techniques will work for you.


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