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Fun & Interesting Facts About Wolves

Updated on May 26, 2012

Wolves are one of nature’s most majestic creatures. They have long been a part of Native American folklore from magic to reality.

  • Wolves are a special breed of animal. They are considered part of the wild dog group which also includes the dingo and coyote.
  • Wolves are extremely fast they can reach speeds of up to 40 mph while chasing down prey.
  • There are a few different species of wolf that are family related including the white wolf, grey wolf, red wolf and arctic wolf.

•Wolves are one of the best hunters in the animal kingdom. They are able to bring down a variety of different prey using the pack. They are keen on getting the surprise on their prey and known how to communicate with each other quickly.

• Wolves can be found living in more countries, in the world, than any other animal including humans.

•Wolves can be a variety of weights. They normally males and females will weight close to the same, of about 40 kilograms. However, the largest wolf weight ever recorded was over 90 kilograms.

•Full grown wolves have very large paws. Their paw print can be as large as 13 centimeters long and over 11 centimeters wide.

•Wolves belong to a pack. These wolf packs can be as small as two wolves or as large as 20 or more wolves. This depends on the family unit, acceptance, and supply of food in the area. Wolf packs are lead by an Alpha male that will lead the pack for hunting and mating.

•When a wolf cub is born they are completely helpless. Being born with no eyesight or ear function they are completely depended on the mother wolf. They will usually weigh in at around 1 pound when born and it generally takes about 1 year before they are old enough and active enough to be initiated into the pack officially.

•Arctic wolves have been known to travel over several hundred miles for food. Since, the environment that they live in makes food scarce at times.

•Timber wolves (grey Wolves) tend to prefer the sanctuary of wide expanses of forest. These wolves sometimes go days without eating because food can be scarce.

•Wolves will hunt alone. However, they will limit the type of animals they hunt to smaller animals like rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, or other small rodents. When in a wolf pack, they will generally hunt moose, caribou, and deer for their main meals.

•When a pack kills an animal, there is always rules as to which wolves will eat first. The Alpha male will always eat their fill along with the young and female wolves. The other wolves will feed on whatever is left over.

•Wolves have a very unusually coat. It is made up of two separate layers. These layers will rise to help keep the heat in when it is cold. When the wolves are warm it will flatten to help keep the heat out of the coat and keep cooler.

•Wolves are creatures of speed and consistency. They have been known to travel hundreds of miles in a few days time. They will keep a steady pace up without stopping until they know there is food nearby. The average pace of a wolf is about 15 km an hour.


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  • bdegiulio profile image

    Bill De Giulio 

    6 years ago from Massachusetts

    Beautiful animals. Thanks for educating us and sharing. Loved the video.


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