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Fun and Unique Cat Collars - Christmas Gifts for Cats

Updated on November 28, 2011

For most owners, a cat is a member of the family and as a member of the family is included in all the celebrations that occur throughout the year. Christmas is no exception. While they might not necessarily wrap the gift and put it under the Christmas tree; many people insist on buying a Christmas gift for their favorite feline.

If you have a cat that likes to wander about outside you really should make sure he or she has a collar that will feature some identification. Even if your cat in purely indoor, you might like to give him or her a stylish collar. Of course, then there are cats like mine that will not wear a collar no matter how cool you think they would look in one. Miy cat is purely indoors so there is less urgent need for one.

There are some fun and unique cat collars out there that will suit the personality of any cat. Check out the ones below and see if they give you any ideas on what to buy for your cat this Christmas season.

For the Pirate's Favorite Cat

These two collars are perfect for those cats who live their lives at sea, or for those who belong to the pirate in your life.

The first collar is a breakaway safety collar which is a collar that will break if it gets caught on something. The collar is adjustable It features skulls and is black and white with a black removable bell. It would look amazing on a white cat or that great big tuxedo cat in your life.Sailorgirl on Amazon bought one and she says "Now my boys are ready to go catch mice on the boat, and look good while they do it."

The second one is red, black and white. It is also a breakaway safety collar that is adjustable. It features crossbones and a white cat with a black eyepatch. Any cat would be happy to be seen in this stylish collar.

For the Cat Who Loves Fish

This collar is another adjustable breakaway collar. It has a blue background and it is decorated with cartoonish fish bones. You can also find similar styles featuring cartoon cats, mice, It is ribbon on durable webbing.

For The Sophisticated Kitty

Do you have a cat that demands to be treated like a princess? A cat who expects you to be at her beck and call all day? Then why not buy her one of these collars that are befitting her personality?

The first collar is a purple velveteen breakaway collar studded with rhinestones. It is also available in blue. Just think how pretty your princess will look in this collar.

The second collar is another collar with rhinestones. It is a 3/8" jeweled nylon collar that i adjustable. It also features a removable jingle bell. What a perfect gift for Christmas morning.

For the Winter Lover

This is a pink nylon collar with a breakaway buckle. It features a snowflake silk-screened design and a removable jingle bell.

Again, a white cat would look lovely in this. Imagine your favorite Siamese with this collar, it would offset the black in the face wonderfully.

For the Night Owl

These Li'l Pals adjustable reflective cat collars are a must have if you have a cat who stay out for all hours. They are also available for kittens.

They reflect the light from oncoming vehicles and help to keep your cat a little safer while he is prowling around the neighborhood at night.

For the Flower Child Cat

This collar is a 3/8" wide nylon breakaway collar. It features colorful flowers on a white background and has a removable bell.The collar is available in several colors and designs.

This collar would look adorable on any cat who is lucky enough to wear it.

So Much Choice...

Whichever fun and unique cat collar you choose, I'm sure you will have a styling kitty cat celebrating Christmas at your house.

Your family's feline will be forever grateful to you for buying him or her a beautiful and unique Christmas gift that tells everyone who they are.


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