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Furminator Grooming Tools

Updated on July 29, 2009

Dog and cat grooming can be very labor intensive for you and very annoying for your pet, particularly if they're not fond of laying still for hours at a time. If you've got a long-haired breed dog or cat with a very thick undercoat, you know how difficult it can be when the shedding process really starts -- one day you think you've got all that undercoat fur out, and the next morning you wake up and see that shedding fur peeking its way out again. Some dogs and cats love to be groomed and will sit for it until you're through; but some of them just ain't having all that and want to be done with it as soon as possible. And so do we, right? Who needs a backache and neck ache and everywhere-else-ache after sitting on the floor for hours whilst grooming your pet? Make it easier on yourself and get a handy Furminator tool. Thousands of happy customers cannot be wrong!

Furminator Shedding Tool

This Furminator deShedding Tool comes in 3 sizes. It can be used on dogs or cats and is suitable for long or short-haired breeds. The stainless steel edge (which is NOT sharp!) removes shedding undercoat hair easily and fast, and without damaging the top coat. If you've got allergies from your pet's fur, this is said to reduce your allergy problems significantly, as it greatly reduces pet shedding for weeks at a time.

Furminator for CATS

If you've got a cat, this is probably the Furminator model you want. Even cats who don't like being groomed (and let's face it; that's most of them) appear to enjoy being brushed with the furminator deshedding tool. It doesn't tug on the hair, but rather somehow magically removes all the undercoat hair that is in the process of shedding. This not only makes your cat look gorgeous, but also reduces the chances of developing hairballs. Not to mention it will help reduce your own allergies if you've got cat dander issues.

Double Edged Furminator

This is the same great Furminator deshedding tool, just twice as fast, thanks to the dual edges. If you've got a pet who sheds a great deal and frequently, this could be just what you need to make grooming sessions shorter and less tedious. Some breeds simply have more hair and require more time, even as fast as the single edged furminator is. If you've got a particularly furry breed, consider the double edged Furminator.

Furminator with Furejector

The Furminator deshedding tool with furejector is a more convenient way of grooming your cat or dog. Simply let the tool do its job and then push a button when you're ready to de-fur the tool itself. The fur will be pushed forward and you can easily remove it.

Furminator TubNub

This is a very cool little gadget. The Fuminator TubNub is meant to be used as a pet massage device. It can be used while your pet is relaxing, but it can also be used while he's getting a bath. It stimulates the skin and hair follicles. If your pet likes a good rub, this could be quite a treat for him!


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