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Furniture for Cats to Fulfill the Need of Cats

Updated on January 16, 2015

Furniture for Cats

Cats are known to be more affectionate to their owners as compared to dogs. Mostly people know that it is a fact that is why those people really like to have cats in their homes.

It is not difficult to know their feelings and emotions by just observing their body language. Because of this quality cats are mostly treated well by their owners and even in some religions people worshiped them not even in the past but even today.

So, if you want to give your cats a very healthy environment then you can provide them furniture for cats.

You must love your cat because of its innocence and friendly nature and you really want to give your beloved pet a nice and comfortable stay in the home. Furniture for cats has some pieces which can provide your cats a safe and sound sleep every night with ease and comfort.

People who do not like cats even they do not like the presence of the cats in their homes, think that taking car of the cats and their needs is just wastage of time.

Those people also think that providing the furniture for cats like the scratching posts, tree, or a house are for spoiling the cats. They just don’t understand that keeping the cats in the homes is not so bad even you can train them for keeping the home clean.

Also, these cats remove loneliness and boredom from your life and you can really enjoy their company.

From the furniture for cats the scratching trees are really good and these can provide the opportunity to cats to jump, climb and scratch. Cats can also stretch their torsos and muscles for being active and healthy.

You only have to train your cat for where to scratch and you can divert your pet’s attention towards the pieces of furniture for cats where it can fulfill its scratching desire.

Cat Scratch Furniture for Scratching Desire of Cats

Your cat may like to scratch up your furniture and it can simply make you angry and miffed at your cat. Cat has a strong desire to scratch and it is in its instinct that it cannot control as most of the people think.

But as we cut our nails in the same way cats like to scratch for the growth of good nail health so they try to shed the older layers of nails and really not to keep their nails sharp. While scratching they also keep their muscles toned by stretching.

You cannot discipline them as it is in their nature. So just try to provide some alternatives to them like the cat scratch furniture so that they can fulfill their instinctive desire.

If you only want to punish them and do not understand their needs then you are just wasting your time because they cannot understand that why are you punishing them?

Instead of this you can easily provide some cat scratch furniture to them which can help you to save your furniture and also it will provide fun to the cats. One of the best pieces in the cat scratch furniture is the cat scratch post which is very effective and helpful.

You may need more than one post because it depends on the nature of your cat that how many walls it usually scratches and then you can place all the posts on different locations.

There are many different brands, colors, designs, and shapes of cat scratch furniture available from the variety of places. If you want to buy some then you have to do a survey first and just visit all the pet stores.

Thus you can find the exact prices of different pieces of cat scratch furniture. You can also judge the material and qualities of different brands. The cheap cat scratching post may seem good to you but in the long run you may need to replace again and again.

Why does a cat scratch furniture and how to stop it?

Cat Litter Furniture

Cat litter furniture is one of my favorite furniture. As I am also an owner of the cat so I can really understand the problems arise while dealing with the indoor cats.

Worst of all when there is an unbearable smell that comes with the use of open up litter. But for the solution of the particular problem there is enclosed cat litter furniture which can easily stop the bad odor.

The enclosed cat litter furniture is very beneficial and comes at the top when it comes to indoor cat toilets.

Litter trays are generally left open to the home environment which means any bad smells are free to spread throughout the home. This can be quite unbearable if your cat has a diarrhea.

The enclosed litter boxes prevent the smell from traveling further. It consists of the box in which the tray is placed. An enclosed style entry means the furniture piece is completely sealed.

If there is open cat litter furniture and you have it in any corner of the room then it can create the unattractiveness. It can be a burden when you have to move it from there when some friend or relatives come to visit your place.

But if there is enclosed cat litter furniture then it can easily merge with the décor of the home because of the wooden cover. Also, the bad smell just remains there in the enclosed one and does not spread around the room.

Even you can enhance the beauty with placing any vase, sculpture, or any decoration piece on the top of the oak or pine box.

The enclose box is also a space saver and comes with storage space for the everyday supplies needed and utensils for changing a used litter tray. One of the enclosed one comes with the built in shelves and drawers which can be found above the space where enclosed boxes are positioned.

How to make a Cat Litter Box

Save Your Furniture with the Help of Cat Scratch Posts

Mostly cats love to scratch the things with their sharp nails. If you have cats in your home and you have not provided any cat scratch posts to them then cats would damage your furniture, carpets, and curtains to fulfill their desire of scratching.

You must have to consider the cat’s need of scratching and provide any alternative to it like cat scratch posts. Among all the methods, most people find this solution to be the easiest, most effective, and most natural.

The ready made cat scratch posts are available at your local pet stores. If you observe that your cats start clawing your couch, carpet or anything else that you do not want to be scratched or damaged then just pick up your cats and leave them on the posts to scratch.

You can teach your cats to scratch these posts and with the help of this method you can easily save your precious furniture. On the other hand you are also providing the place for fun to cats and it is also very entertaining and fun for the owner to watch his kitties while playing.

You can choose the cat scratch posts while considering different tips. The first one in the beginning is to try to provide one post for each cat in your household.

Once the problem is under your control then you can remove the ones which are not used. The three feet high post is the good one for the cats so they can stretch up with their full strength without being able to reach the edge.

The cat scratch posts should be stiff at their place. Cats may not like the ones which can easily fall over and do not firm at their place. The material which is used in the posts must be tough so that when cats scratch them they enjoy it and also the cat can leave the frays and marks on the material.

How to Stop Your Cats From Scratching Furniture

Do you have specialized furniture for your cat?

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