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Games Kids and Dogs Can Play

Updated on July 5, 2011

While you’re young kids will love being able to play with the new puppy or smaller dog breed you might be curious what kind of games your children will be able to play with the dog. I know that my kids absolutely love being able to play with our little Yorkshire Poodle. However, since he is small and my kids do have a tendency to be a little rough in playing I have found a couple of games that they can play with him.

The first game that I have found that my kids can easily play with my little Yorkshire Poodle is that they can take one of the balls that they like to play with and roll it for him to chase. Then when he brings the ball back my kids can roll it for him again. By doing this you are basically playing fetch for him, but since it is indoors and done by my kids I have them roll it rather than throw it because they are not able to control where the throws are going yet.

The second game that my kids like to play with my little Yorkshire Poodle is tug of war. I know that I had to buy a specific rope bone that is long enough that my kids are able to hold onto one side of the bone while my dog is able to have the other side of the rope bone inside of his mouth. If you have your kids play this game with your kids you will want to make sure the bone is that long so that your dog doesn’t accidently catch your kid’s fingers while grabbing for the bone.

The third game that my kids like to play with my little dog and even to a point of my larger dogs is chase. I know that this game has to be played outside in a large enough area that your kids can run around and live in an area that will let you have your dog off leash or in a fenced in yard. This is a great game that my kids love to play and it keeps them in shape as well as my dogs!

While your kids might like playing games with your dog it can be challenging when your kids are younger and trying to find a game for them to play with your dogs. I know that these three games are ones that my kids love to play with my dog.

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      miley cyrus  8 years ago

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    • profile image

      olivia 8 years ago

      i love dogs they r my favorate animals ever and i think thi s website is realy good for kids to play indoors